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Topic: transposition

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    I am using Sonar 7 and am having something peculiar happen when I transpose a track. Say, for instance, I have a CMB trumpet group loaded in track 1. When I play the track (on sonar) it plays in concert pitch. If I change the track transposition to -2, or down a step, the trumpet sounds the same as before I transposed it when I play via the keyboard, and is only transposed if I record something and play it back. It is then transposed on the playback, but not on live input. The recorded midi data reflects the transposition.

    I have a few other virtual synths and they all reflect any transpostion change in the Sonar tracks during live playing, not just playback of recorded data. That is why I am fairly sure there is an adjustment I need to make in Garritan/Kontakt and not Sonar, as I have had other VI's opened in the exact same project and they respond to the trasposition change in live playing, but my Garritan libraries do not.

    I'm stumped - thanks in advance for any advice!


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    Re: transposition


    Thanks for the response. Here is what I did:

    I initialized my keyboard to bring everything back to the original factory settings, just in case something was changed.

    I opened a new project in Sonar - A Big Band template. The templates have all the instrument names in each midi track and have the proper transposition values entered - Alto Sax -9, Tenor sax -2 etc. I figured the template would have all the proper setting for this to work.

    I opened an instance of JABB and loaded the saxes and trumpets, all requiring transpositions and they still all played in concert pitch when playing live, but were transposed properly when recording the data.

    I loaded the cakewlak TTS-1 softsynth and the transpositions worked both live and recorded.

    I'm stumped. It occurs with all three of my Garritan libraries and in any project I start, but not with any other softsynth.

    I'm sure there is some reason for this mysterious behavior!


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    Re: transposition

    That is a really weird problem, Mikul.

    I'm without a midi keyboard at the moment, so the best I can do is throw out an untested question to follow up on Jon and your posts:

    How is your routing set up? Is it possible that there's a MIDI Omni source or a channel somewhere linked to KP2 that doesn't have a transpose enabled on its track, or that is playing through when you do it live, but not during recording? Perhaps KP2 behaves differently in this manner than other soft synths?


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    Re: transposition


    Good suggestion - I am checking over all of those things now. I thought setting the keyboard back to its factory settings would have brought everything back to normal (on the keyboard end of things), but there still may be some setting that KP2 doesn't like.

    It must be the way KP2 receives something if all of my other VI's are responding properly. I cannot find anything in KP2 that would allow me to make the adjustment.

    Weird stuff!

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    Re: transposition


    I checked the setting and it was already set to 0.

    I found a workaround - you probably already knew about this, but I can go to the fx bin on a midi track, select cakewalk fx, then transpose and a plug in midi effect opens to transpose the track. This DOES work!!!

    Now, I just tried it for one track and my question would be does this strain the system if I do this to say, 12 tracks, or are midi effects relatively benign on resources?

    I don't like to settle on workarounds, but at least I can do some work while this is getting figured out.

    Please keep the suggestions coming, as this sort of thing really bugs me too and I would like to get to the root of the problem. I'm tinkering with lots of settings, but am still getting the same result.

    Thanks - you guys have been very helpful.


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    Re: transposition


    That is a great idea, if you don't mind, I will send you a project file. I'm so confused by the whole thing - I don't even know if I should be hoping it works on your computer or not!

    I'll get it out within the next day or so.

    Thanks so much!


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