Hello everyone,
I'm very excited to have finally purchased my Pro Tools rig (Digi 003 rackmount), but unfortunately I do have some problems to address. I'm sure many of you are aware of the non-compatibility between NI products and Pro Tools 7.4.2 under OS X Leopard. This is really disappointing because I planned on using GPO KP2 and Kore Player 2 exstensively under Pro Tools.

So, should I create a new partition in the meantime that runs Tiger?

Are the updates going to come soon? NI really did not say too much in terms of 'when' the updates would come, which scares me a little! Hahaha.

The ARIA sampler should work correctly with Pro Tools 7.4.2 under Leopard as an RTAS plugin 'as is', correct? I know that GPO and the other Garritan sample libraries are going under renovation right now for ARIA, but, of course, I do understand that this involves a ton of work, and will not be finished for some time to come.

So, for the Pro Tools users on this forum, I assume the general consensus is to run Tiger until everything gets up to speed?