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Topic: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

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    Lightbulb LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    Lucid Ground - 8mb

    There is a lot of background to this piece, so please bear with me.

    For almost 20 years, I have been doing something called Lucid Dreaming. The short explanation is that one can train themselves to recognize when they are dreaming, and "waken" their consciousness while asleep. This allows them to continue through the dream with the knowledge that nothing in it is real, as well as afford some wonderful opportunities to explore any kind of world one wants. Many people use it as a safe place to practice sports or even music.

    This piece is written as a meditation and lucid dreaming aid, and is designed to put your body and mind into a restful state while occasionally giving a little flick to the brain to remind you to remain conscious. I used the voices of 12 lucid dreamers (including myself), whose voices remind you to question whether you are awake or dreaming. It is remembering to ask this question that can bring a dreamer into lucidity.

    This piece is meant to be listened to with headphones and without outside distraction of any sort if possible. Phones that fit entirely over the ear are best, but earbuds are acceptable. One reason for the headphones is that I've used binaural beats woven into the texture of the music. In addition to their supposed effect the complex and ever-changing overtones of prepared piano, cymbals, gongs, and bells collide with the pure sine tones of the binaural beats to make them vibrate in interesting ways. The beat frequency itself moves slowly from 8.2 Hz to 7 Hz, which is right on the border between Alpha and Theta brain waves... right at the cusp of sleep.

    I managed to use five Garritan products in this one piece, as well as Kontakt libraries, StormDrum, and Reaktor. Here's the final instrumentation:

    6 horns
    Prepared piano
    Rhodes electric piano
    Classical guitar
    Bass drum, gongs, cymbals, tubular bells, taiko drums, djembe
    String orchestra
    Solo viola
    Solo Cello
    Solo Contrabass
    Voices of dreamers

    The piano, prepared piano, and drums are further processed through a full-pedal piano resonance.

    Anyone who might have an interest in lucid dreaming should take a look at the online community I belong to. All of the voices come from the members there. If nothing else, you'll get to read my overly-revealing online dream journal.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming


    Years ago when I was out on the ocean, I could almost always control my dreams. It has been years since I have been successful at it. By the time I realize what is going on, I begin to wake and everything fades away.

    The piece itself is very peaceful and stress relieving.

    Nice work

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming


    Interesting musical experience.

    It provides a restful state of existence where one can think
    subliminally and "let go." I found the music "pulsating"
    which I guess is supposed to kind of provide a hypnotic
    effect..........after while........?

    Great experimental piece of music though, Jamie.

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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    I listened with headphones and it was a real pleasant experience. My most vivid dreams have occurred after waking and dozing off again. It must be because I'm somewhat conscious at the time.

    I studied dreaming back in college. Then there was a debate as to whether dreams occurred in a sleep state or they happened while waking and could give you the illusion that they lasted for longer periods of time. I guess until they can hook a wire into your brain and actually see the dreaming it's still an unknown.

    There was a theory that LSD caused conscious dreaming but my experience with this is that LSD is a very different experience than just dreaming. It's probably closer to schizophrenic hallucinations.

    Thanks for posting this and it sounds great.


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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    An interesting concept. The piece is very relaxing with a slow oscillation. Some of the most refreshing sleeps I've had were on a docked sailboat that would move with the waves - this has some of the same effect.

    I haven't achieved a lucid dream yet but I can see that this music might just do it.

    Well done and thanks for sharing this.


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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    As a fellow lucid dreamer, and one who's also experimented
    with the inclusion of subliminal effects in my own music,
    this gets one very substatial...


    First of all, just as music, it's a great listen; subtly constructed
    yet deeply affective across span. I found this considerably
    calming; and if you knew what a day I've had, it would be
    ample testimony to the effectiveness of the work... lol.

    But likewise, high praise on the craft behind this, Jamie;
    absolutely superbly done.

    With admiration,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming


    As a piece, it's great. I love it.

    As an aid, I'm not sure yet. I'll have to try it later on and I'll try to get back to you.

    I've had lucid dreams before but have never successfully induced one. I've done things like reality checks during the day -- such as looking at my hands (they usually melt or deform in my dreams) -- to get into the habit so I check them in my dream as well. They've helped by a little; whenever I question reality I always check my hands.

    In my lucid dreams I've never really done anything useful... Just fooled around. I love flying. And telekinesis. Always fun.

    I think this is clever - I really have to try this.

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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    Well, Jamie, it's 5:21 AM, I've had three hours of sleep, so it's a perfect time to check out what sounds like a brilliant endeavor! If I'm still in beta (high waking) consciousness when I'm done, I'll offer my report, as well as some other thoughts on the general topic of dreaming/waking that has fascinated me for some time.

    ps did you see a movie, i can't remember the name, it had Keanu Reeves in it and rendered the characters in cartoon-like form, with shifting edges which gave a dream-like quality. It was about our sense of reality, philosophy, and so on. Ah yes! it was called "Waking Life". If you haven't seen it already, I bet you would enjoy it.

    Here I go!

    Listen at: www.soundclick.com/kepeaceusa
    Scores at: http://stores.lulu.com/ke_peace

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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    I'm back....

    This piece did help induce a dream-like state for sure. Very very well done!! And the occasional louder or more sudden sounds and voices did wake me up a bit. Very skillfull, that. I think of the anesthesiologist, who must keep a person in a state between alive and dead during an operation -- such a delicate balance.

    While listening to this, some images from recent past flowed through my mind in the way they might in a dream: the face of my mother as she lay dying; images of the love of my life, lost to me now; were two -- but as in a dream, fleeting and I did not feel pain at them either, just a kind of floaty feeling.

    The permutations of consciousness have always interested me. And more recently, the topic of deep sleep versus dream state versus meditative versus high waking. I rarely have lucid dreams in which I know I am dreaming and can choose what happens. But I have had some unusual dreams and dream-related experiences which has fired my interest in states of consciousness and in the field of psychoacoustics.

    I use a sleep CD called Delta Sleep, which helps induce deep sleep (delta waves) in, I suppose, a similar way you use here to induce a dream-like state. It helps me get to deep sleep, which is where, I've been told, our nerves regenerate among other things. (A few years back, I had a sleep study done. It showed that my mind was waking up into alpha (meditative waking) 18 times an hour, or about every six minutes. Which meant, that I wasn't really sleeping much at all. I don't know if that is still the case, or if that had something to do with years of meditation or what.) They call these "alpha intrusions". I have also experienced "theta intrusions" in which the mind is quite awake (beta), and also dreaming simultaneously (theta). That is the oddest feeling! One can be perfectly functional and awake, and there in the background, thoughts and images and feelings flitting by, but like in any dream, you can't "catch them", as compelling as they may feel.

    I did once, many years ago, experience knowing i was asleep and trying to wake myself up -- I was a live-in aide for an elderly lady. I dreamed she was calling me, and woke up, got up, went to the door of her room, could feel my hand on the door jamb, see everything normally. Everything seemed totally natural. I was about to go to her (she often called for me in the night), when I realized that though "I" was up, my body (damn heavy lump!) was not. It took two or three tries -- going back, a moment of something, a blankness, i can't explain, after which I was back "in" the body and could feel its weight, and was struggling to rouse it.

    Dreams of flying, levitating -- these were not exactly totally lucid, because I did not know I was dreaming. But my will in the dream influenced the flight and that part seemed very conscious and awake -- I had to concentrate or I would float back down. These always seemed remarkably real to me -- not the scenes themselves, but the sense of the will being able to do this, and by extension, being able to affect my reality in the waking state as well. (although, I have not, to date, succeeded in actually flying this lumbering old jet LOL!)

    Finally, has anyone experienced dreams so powerful that they persist into the waking state for a time? I have had a one or two of those, where the central character was with me for up to a week, very palpably -- not visibly, but energetically and with locality.

    All these seemed very natural at the time, though they probably sound strange in the telling!

    It seems to me that our dream life might be as real as our waking life. Consciousness has so many permutations, who is to say that one is more real than another?

    I'm interested to hear more about this topic of dreaming/waking, etc.

    Great work and a very fascinating and provocative post, Jamie!!

    Karen ("Insomnia backwards-R Us") Peace ;-)
    Listen at: www.soundclick.com/kepeaceusa
    Scores at: http://stores.lulu.com/ke_peace

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    Re: LUCID GROUND - A meditation for dreaming

    Quote Originally Posted by KE Peace View Post
    I have also experienced "theta intrusions" in which the mind is quite awake (beta), and also dreaming simultaneously (theta). That is the oddest feeling! One can be perfectly functional and awake, and there in the background, thoughts and images and feelings flitting by, but like in any dream, you can't "catch them", as compelling as they may feel.
    Aha!!! THAT'S what those are!!!

    I think I know what you're referring to. When I wake up and start brushing my teeth and stuff, it feels like a whole bunch of stuff is flitting by in the background, as if the dream I had was continuing. Occasionally I catch half a phrase, always incoherent, but most of it is just barely recognized.
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