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Topic: Adding Percussion - How to?

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    Adding Percussion - How to?

    Okay, I'm using GPO with Cubase SX3, and I am definitely a beginner at this. All of what I've done has been strings, woodwinds, and brass. Now it's time to add some percussion, and I haven't any idea how to do it.

    I found a tutorial on doing a drum roll using a snare drum, but cannot get it to work and sound remotely like a drum roll.

    So, how do I make a drum roll using the GPO concert snare?

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    Re: Adding Percussion - How to?

    C#3 in either Basic Orch Perc or the Snares patch is a sampled roll. It is controlled dynamically with the mod wheel via controller 1.

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    Re: Adding Percussion - How to?

    What you need to do is to get hold of some of the millions of free drum sounds out on the net. Then you need to put them together, in Cubase its easy, to form the rolls. No drummer hits the skins with a consistent pressure so each hit needs to be slightly different sound and volume. It will take hours to get right, mind you you can keep the result and re-use it.

    Or use the GPO roll.

    or the one in independence free we all discussed last month.
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