Since a couple of weeks I am experimenting with the Steinway. It is really a great instrument and the quality of the recorded samples is just awesome. But the programming of certain midi levels, pedal settings, timbres, intonation of all models/perspectives is .... let's just say it careful..... poor. No way I can get the real Steinway at work here.

For certain notes I had to lower the MIDI level, but to have a good balance I lowered every note, so that those intonation problems weren't noticeable. On another occasion I cloned the tracks and let my Grand 2 of Steinberg play (filled in) those wrongly intonated notes.

But, amplifying lower midi settings to mimic a ff is never the real thing. Last week I visited a piano shop for that purpose to be shure. Indeed they had a smaller model Steinway, and the difference is obvious. For now I'll stop (except some smaller pieces) rendering piano pieces for this instrument until those things are solved in an update.

Though the sound isn't that good, I can do a better job with The Grand2 of Steinberg. A pity, I'd put all my hopes into this Steinway.