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Topic: Warning: Memory is getting low

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    Warning: Memory is getting low

    What? i get this warning while starting a new project in Logic 8. Its a Kontakt 3 warning saying:
    Warning: memory getting low. This may cause dropouts or other artifacts....

    Im rockin a new macpro with 12gigs of ram. I have maybe 5 kontakt 3's. Im not hearing any dropouts. seems to run fine ( I do do have a number of VIs) but nothing too crazy. Is this a Kontakt setting or somethin?

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    Re: Warning: Memory is getting low

    Thats Kontakt, but I think there is no setting to adjust it.
    Just concentrate on the "may" and ignore it until you hear the drop outs.
    And even if you hear drop outs, increase the sample buffer size in Logic.

    Nothing to worry about.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Warning: Memory is getting low

    seems to work fine. Just massive pain to have to sit there and click ok a few times on a template that takes 5min to load. Rather than grab a coffee or play ping pong with your engineer or wrap cables or practice my scales or well .... U get what I mean.

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    Re: Warning: Memory is getting low

    I get this alot too..on a vista 64 8GB pc.
    And even if i only use a few hundred MB of samples, my computer sometimes acts as it were maxed out,and my computer starts doing weird things, like the USb ports are loosing power, and the cubase dongle gets disconnected and ultimatly ut gives me a memory failure and crash if i keep pushing it.

    Only with NI stuff. But only on random occasions.
    its stoopid loading up 1 program on a 8GB pc and having K2 telling me memory is getting low....

    I never understood why...

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