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Topic: Imported and converted files in Kontakt 2

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    Imported and converted files in Kontakt 2

    Hi all. I've just gone and converted all my Giga libraries to Kontakt and have run into a bit of a snag. When I go to load an instrument, I'm having to manually look for the samples for every one. I've created folders for the samples in the same location that the instruments are located, for example, the VSL Cello Ensemble:

    Cello Ensemble
    - 00 VC-8 BASIC SET
    - 01 VC-8 SHORT NOTES
    - 02 02 VC-8_oV_MEDIUM-NOTES...(etc., with these folders containing the .nki files)
    - Samples (containing all the Cello Ensemble samples, in subfolders)

    This was the way I created the structure when importing the files with Kontakt, should it be done differently so I don't have to manually link the files each time I try to load an instrument? I suppose I could load each file, link 'em up, and save the instrument, but with several hundred instruments it's not a very appealing prospect.

    Similarly, with the Project SAM Brass, I've loaded the Kontakt versions as instructed in the manuals, but encounter the same problem when trying to load the instruments.

    It seems like something that's probably an easy fix, anyone have any suggestions? I've rebuilt the database, but it doesn't fix the situation.



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    Re: Imported and converted files in Kontakt 2

    Hi Jeff,

    I have had the same problem, always needing to resave after the first load. It is a pain, but not as much as rebuilding the patches from scratch. Sometimes you can find someone who has already done what you have (can send you nki's with the files assumed to be in the new structure). This prolem is probably the biggest reason I have lost enthusiam for my old giga libraries, only converting them when needed (I find that less painful than all at once).


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    Re: Imported and converted files in Kontakt 2

    thats easy, do a "Batch resave".
    Wich resaves all the NKI`s for you in one go, connecting the samples to all the programs again.

    BUt in any event, if you save with relative paths, the newly imported NKI`S should loacte just fine, but only if you do not move any of the content after you convert it. its a good idea to have two folders in the main one, one called "instruments" and one called "samples".
    Now , as the filepaths are relative to eachother, you can move the main folder containing both instruments and samples anywhere without loosing the samplepaths.

    If you save with Absolute samplepaths, you may move the NKI`s anywhere , but the Samples are set to be found on a fixed location, and may not be moved.

    relative is better IMO, and is also the standard way to avoid that missing samples dialoge.

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