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Topic: Master keyboaard in a little box?

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    Master keyboaard in a little box?

    Hey guys,
    I have a black box in mind - MIDI, that is - that I could connect between my keyboard controller and the computer.

    I figured just one in and one out. Let's say you have a virtual instrument like NI's Kontakt, where you can easily pull several patches out of your arsenal and create a nice fat multi. With a conventional keyboard controller, you couldn't assign all the parts to different regions on the keyboard controller just like that...

    Imagine a black box that did this for you. Press the "Assign" button on the box, touch your keyboard controller twice to enter bottom and top note of your selected range, which is then assigned to MIDI channel 1. Stomp the Sustain pedal if you want it to work for this zone. Next, it would for instance jump to where you set how many octaves the incoming NOTE ON/OFF should be transposed...
    Repeat the drill, and select a range for MIDI ch 2. Your keyboard controller still just transmits on a single channel. The box matches incoming note-on/off messages and translates them to the MIDI channel you set for the corresponding range. Such setups can of course be stored and recalled.

    I know that several host programs let you do things like this (like Apple's Logic8 and Mainstage). But it requires mouse and keyboard fiddling, and I see such a box as convenient way of creating either a live setup, or working with your DAW to record several parts simultaneously for making musical sketches of some ideas that you have. Having to do that sequentially could ruin the creative flow for some people...

    What do you think; totally superfluous?


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    Re: Master keyboaard in a little box?

    I'd love to see something along the lines of the Oberheim MC3000D. Just having a box for MIDI only is not going to answer the crys of real controller features. But perhaps you have more tricks you haven't shared w/ us. I would really love performance controls like programmable velocity curves for each layer, etc. Like they do on the big jobs.


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