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Topic: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

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    USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    Hey all.

    First let me say thank you to King and Simon for their help on my adding a 3rd hard drive

    You guys rock!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that I now have an external USB 2.0 80 Gig/7200RPM/480Mbits per sec Hard drive that connects to a PCI card (5 USB 2.0 Hubs)

    TEST 1:

    Hit 156 voices.
    No crackle or lock-up.
    Was running 2 Gigaverbs and Giga EQ during test.

    TEST 2:
    Launched ProTools session of 8 stereo tracks.
    4:30 seconds song.
    Running Waves Compressor/waves C4 EQ/Waves TrueVerb.

    Playback stable!

    I do have a 40 gig D drive IDE internal that I may dedicate to giga and let USB2.0 be audio. Still testing. 1 drive for gia and 1 for audio of course

    Kewl!!!! Back to the music.

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    Nice. I can hardly get so many voices without trouble. I still get MSG32 crash if I push GS above 160 voices.. grrr

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    Hey Simon,

    Yea, I think I am going to load giga samples to this drive. I peaked at 154 voices last night. This drive is great. Idiot proof set-up (Note: For anyone who buys this. The POWER light is Green for 2.0 connection NOT the access light) and the PCI card has 4 additonal hubs so that you can daisy chain additional drives. It\'s very cool.

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    Hey Z

    Yes, it all works well with Pro Tools. I use Pro Tools more for audio editing than I do MIDI. I think Sonar\'s MIDI capabilities smoke Pro Tools but there is only one choice for audio editing... Pro Tools.

    So, I use MIDI like I would use a word processor...then all of my giga data is going out spdif via DAT sync...then coming back spdif in: into Protools. Then hit record

    At work we have Pro Tools 24... it\'s amazing

    Anyway, I really love this USB 2.0 drive. It\'s fast and very quite.

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    Excellent! Thanks for the info - I need to get a new harddrive...mine\'s about to run out of gas,
    My harddrive:\"TOO...MANY...GIGASAMPLES...!!!\"
    My harddrive: (putt, putt, putt, BOOM!)
    ME: \"crap.\"
    I\'m looking into picking up the digi001 for my home studio, is that what you have at home or do you have one of the big systems?

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    This is mostly a Protools question...
    How well does it work with GS? Meaning can you Sequence directing in Protools with it, or do you do all sequencing in SONAR then move it over to Protools?
    If this is the case, do you export each track individually and rearrange them in Protools or do you export the song as a whole then open it up in Protools?
    Just curious; because it sounds like our setups are similiar...

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    001. Yup!

    At the studio (www.audiovisionsonline.com) we have the Pro Tools mix 24. Now, that is a killer system!

    Glad I didnt have to pay for it

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    Re: USB 2.0 7200RMM 480MBits/per sec

    i bet!!

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