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Topic: Midi delay

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    Smile Midi delay

    I'm using OSX logic 8 pro, RME digiface Incl MIDI and a MC1000 keyboard.
    Since I'm trying to recored high BPM tracks I'm having troubles with midi time delay. It looks like the response time is too low. All my 16th notes come to late when I'm playing (for instance) at 150 BPM.
    What can be the problem?
    What I've checked already:
    1) Midi-delay functions inside logic are all turned off (0.0)
    2) Checked all the cables (1,5 meter Midi cable from MC1000 to RME digiface)
    THanks for the help guys

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    Re: Midi delay

    As the programmes become more sophisticated, it seems that the slower they go. I'm a Cubase user and earlier versions did not have this problem at all, play and record midi and the notes appear spot on. The later the version the worse it gets, all on the same machine. Try getting a simple sequencer for the sole use of recordng the midi, then pick up the tracks and put them on the fancy sequencer. Also use the simplest of sound sources for recording changing to the advanced ones later.
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    That's really odd.
    Well,.. gonna try your suggestions.
    Thanks man!

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