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Topic: new installation + updating

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    new installation + updating

    hello everybody,
    I am going to switch to a new computer (MacPro) and want to continue using GPO (full version, purchased in 2005) and JABB (2005) with Finale 2009.
    Can you advise me on how to proceed for installation?

    Would this be a succesfull plan:
    1) install GPO (2005) from the original DVD
    2) install JABB (2005) from DVD
    2) upgrade to Kontakt Player 2 from the Garritan update pages
    3) install Finale 2009

    or do I better install Finale first?

    additional questions:
    - do I need additional updates for the GPO and/or JABB sample banks, or do I get them automatically when going to Kontakt Player 2?
    - will there be permission to install GPO and JABB (this will be the third computer for me to install on)
    - will GPO and JABB through Kontakt Player 2 work well within Finale 2009, including "human playback" ?
    - how do I avoid confusion with the "internal" GPO sounds and the ARIA player that come with Finale 2009?
    - does Kontakt Player 2 work well with Logic 8?

    Thanks for your advise,

    Maarten van Norden

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    Re: new installation + updating

    Hello Jon,
    thank you for your reply.

    You say:
    "If you're doing a clean install and only want to use Kontakt Player 2, download the KP2 upgrade from the NI service center and install it first - then manually copy the .nkm files to the library directory. Then apply any KP2/library updates that are listed in the service center.'

    To be honest, I don't understand any of this. What are ".nkm files", and where are they to be found? Where is the "library directory"? What "service center" are you talking about?

    Thank you for additional information.


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