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Topic: Sonata nr.1

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    Sonata nr.1

    Long time ago presented with the GPO Steinway. Now with the "real one".

    Sonata nr. 1 - dedicated to John Burgess, who died july 2005, fellow composer and dear friend.

    Enjoy it,


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    Re: Sonata nr.1


    I am sitting here reading the book getting ready to install my new "Real One" as I am listening to your piece.

    This piece really has some movement in it with some cool riffs.

    The slow section reminds me alot of Gershwin.

    Very nice!

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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    This is a stunning piece.
    It has a very VERY cool "improvisatory" feel to it.
    I think the "gershwin" feel starts right at the top!

    I rather like the heavy textures of some of the chords, particularly the very opening, which reminded me vaguely of the Stawinski Concerto for Piano and Winds, with its clusterish chord theme.

    The 2nd theme is very... how to say... umm... raunchy!

    This would be a pleasure to perform.

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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    A most impressive composition. And the piano sound is very realistic.

    The slow contemplative and sad section just before the end is very fine and makes a good contrast to the fireworks before - and then you have a zippy ending.

    Most enjoyable.


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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    BRAVO, Ray. This is a very impressive piece. It demonstrates considerable compositional thought and is very well crafted. Loved the jazz-like harmonies. Well done!

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    Re: Sonata nr.1


    A very virtuosic piece to say the least. The first part is a perpetual
    motion dynamo.

    I must agree with the above listeners that the Gershwin influence is
    very prominent. Also, flashes of "ragtime" piano serve to propel
    and enhance the motion (as did Georges playing).

    The slow parts are "shadowing;" that is, they contrast so greatly with
    the faster sections that a "sad" almost "bluesy" atmosphere is created.

    I wanted to hear one more chord or something after the last arpeggio
    which ends the piece.

    A Sonata in one movement. Not a new idea, but your constrasting
    sections provided plenty of musical variety.

    Enjoyed listening to this, Raymond. It is unlike any Piano Sonata I have
    ever heard, but, then, maybe that "out-of-the-ordinariness" gives it the
    strength that it possesses.

    BRAVO, Raymond

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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    I believe I remember this from some time back, Raymond;
    done with a blend of JABB and GPO pianos?

    This sounds fantastic on the Garritan Steinway.. and as
    a great lover of Gershwin's work, many compliments on
    the Jazz elements of this... very well done!

    Wtih applause,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    Thank you all guys. Due to "the ever present lack of time" I must keep this shorter than usually. For all, I have a lot more at my website, see link below.

    I am in the middle of some Sonar-glitches... don't know how to solve them yet.


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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    Very smooth and modernistic, as usual! It's obvious that you like to experiment a lot! Your jazz has it's roots in Gershwin and Satie kind of romantic touch to it!

    Very interesting and dary! Bold! Bold!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Sonata nr.1

    I enjoyed the listen. I can't think of anything else to add.

    Very well done!


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