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Topic: 1 TB Drives

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    1 TB Drives

    I see that standalone USB 2 1 Terabyte drives are available for $170*. Is anyone using these, say for sample storage? This is very tempting to me.

    *Tiger Direct
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: 1 TB Drives

    As long as it's for back ups and not for performing with. I bought a smaller drive packed with sounds for Giga, and those dogs don't hunt. I only wanted the content anyway. But it does storage very well, especially since I would never use it.

    These will die a quick death very soon. Intel will be entering the storage arena with their own SSD's using their own chipsets also.

    Raptors and most HDD's will fall in price immediately.

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    Re: 1 TB Drives

    How much of the problem is NTFS vs FAT32? I notice that directory operations on a large NTFS volume with lots of files was a lot slower than with FAT32, even after I turned of 8.3 filename generation and "last access".


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