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Topic: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    This came up once before, and was resolved with some tweaking to the user\'s audio card configuration - here\'s the link:

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    Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    Why is it that this is the only sample library that chokes up Gigastudio? I mean I hear weird crackles, noises, etc when I play more than a few notes. What gives? I can play all of the high end/large pianos with no problem. pIII 1Ghz, 7200RPM drives, 512MB RDRAM

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    I read the thread but there really isnt anything explicit in regards to tweaking XP for Giga.

    I find it hard to believe that I have no problem playing a massive piano sound, while just ONE note on this guitar library produces crackles and clicks.

    It seems that the library wasn\'t built efficiently.

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    I haven\'t had any problems with this excellent library.

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    What version of GigaStudio are you using?


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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    I\'m using version 2.50 for XP. The latest build.

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    That thread basically comes down to \"if your rendered .WAV files don\'t crackle, your problems can be remedied by following Dave Casey\'s PC Audio System tutorial.\"

    Now, we haven\'t yet established that Nuggetz can record to .WAV without crackling [/i](it could be something else entirely)[/i], but given the scarcity of problems to choose from, this is probably a reasonable guess.

    What isn\'t terribly helpful on that thread, however, is the reference to an article (which might not be so easy to find today as it was last time it came up) without actually providing a link.

    I believe this is the tutorial in question: http://www.tascam.com/support/faq/pc_optimize/index.php
    That\'s not XP specific, but something in there apparently solved MickyZ\'s problems.

    So, yeah. Matt could have been more informative in his reply, but Nuggetz should count himself lucky to get any response at all after launching his query as a public attack. (play nice, ok?)

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    Public attack? By no means. I really love this library and I praise Matt for doing such an excellent job.

    I\'m just a little frustrated at the fact that this library is really what I\'m looking for and it\'s not working, when other librarys larger in size work without a hitch. I mean I can hold the pedal down on the largest piano sample I have and literally pound the keys and no crackling or pops occur. With this library, playing one note produced pops.

    By the way, I tried rendering the audio out to disk and I get crackling in the output. Hope that helps differentiate my problem in comparison to someone elses.

    I didnt mean to attack the integrity of this library. If my message came across that way, I apologize. Obviously it\'s working for a lot of folks and it must be my configuration. I don\'t know anything about sample programming, but my best (uneducated) guess would tell me that this library works differently than others of the same size.

    Matt, thanks for the link. I appreciate it, but like I said before, it really doesnt apply since my OS is XP.

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    I\'ve contacted Tascam and pointed them to this thread - it looks like they\'ll have tech support look into this, and do some testing of Max Acous with XP. If I hear of any clues to this mystery I\'ll post them here.

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    Re: Matt Regan Max Strength Guitar

    Sounds great - that\'s all anyone can ask for, really. Good luck to everyone involved, and my condolences that they have to experience any side of this.

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