For my PhD I'm working on a project named "The City Under Different Eyes". It is a piece of music for solo piano.

But I need to get as many performances as I possibly can! So I'm calling for your help!

I have the score, the midi file, some information, some other score, etc, all in a nice zipped folder (which I can't link in public), ready to send you.

The music is difficult! It's not simple by any chance. And because it is linked to my PhD it is a non commercial project and there is no budget, thus, no fee.

The only potential problem is that you 'have' to use pianoteq. Since this is what everyone else will be using, you also have to use it. You don't have to send me audio files, since I also own the software (for size reasons if nothing else), but the sound that all the performers will have need to be the same so that the project can work...

If anyone is interested (I've notified various forums about this, so you may already've seen it), PM me, or e-mail me at mail *AT* nikolas-sideris *DOT* com.

Thanks for reading and I hope that I'm not breaking any rules with this (can't see any way, but I respect NSS and everyone in here and I wouldn't like to be breaking any rules. If so let me know)