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Topic: Chamber Ensemble

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    Cool Chamber Ensemble

    So here we are I have my strad and grofriller and steinway but missing the rest of the ensemble . Why do I mention this well theres a new release and not by Garritan to bad

    check this out

    xsample chamber ensemble

    just google I dont like to post competitors

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    Re: Chamber Ensemble

    Still, at over $700 I think I'll be sticking with GPO for a while yet!

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    Re: Chamber Ensemble

    yes thats why I did the dig for Gary somewhere in the past it was mentioned of combining the strad and grof plus plus to finish the ensemble

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    Re: Chamber Ensemble

    I have slipped into the habit of checking the forum once a day to see if there are any developments on this front (and the choir). I am beginning to think that maybe a check once a month might be on the frequent side. However, in fairness, good things come in their own good time.

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