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Topic: Assinging the correct patches...

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    Question Assinging the correct patches...

    Hi. I could'nt find any threads tackling this issue, so here goes.

    This is probably a result of my inexperience, but I'm trying to make a recording of a piece I have written using GPO. I've done this before, sometimes successfully, sometimes less so, because things seem to be a little unpredictable. I loaded all the instruments into Kontact 2 player, in the order they appear in the score (Vln sol, vln 1, vln 2, vla, vc, bass), and then opened the piece in Sibelius. I pressed play, and and most of the parts were given their correct patches from the GPO sample library. However, there were some who weren't - the solo violin was being played by the double bass, and the double-bass part wasn't being played at all. I then tried loading each instrument into a seperate sibelius file, e.g. vln 1 on it's own in one file, vln 2 in another, etc. I then closed everything, opened Kontact 2, loaded a solo violin, and opened my solo violin part in sibelius. When I clicked play, there was no sound - it seemed the Kontact player was completely ignoring the midi messgaes from Sibelius. I checked to make sure the midi was set up correctly (which I assumed it was, as some of the instruments worked), and all was as it should be.

    Sorry that was a bit long winded, but my question is, how can I ensure that the correct patches from the GPO library will be assigned to the correct parts in Sibelius?

    (I'm using Sibelius Student, so the Kontact 2 player is recieving the midi through a virtual midi cable - midYoke. This works fine most of the time)

    Thanks for reading,


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    Re: Assinging the correct patches...

    Make sure each track's MIDI port/channel setting in Sibelius matches the MIDI port/channel setting of the corresponding GPO instrument in KP2.

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    Re: Assinging the correct patches...

    Thanks for the speedy reply, but it looks like I'll still need some help. I've loaded a solo violin in GPO and then opened the violin solo part in Sibelius. I made sure in the playback devices window*, the ouput was set to only 'out to MidiYoke 1', and the input in Kontact 2 was set to 'in from MidYoke 1'. I've never had to do more than that on the occasions that it has all worked. Nevertheless, I opened the Mixer in Sibelius, and found that 'violin' had its device as 'Microsoft Wavesynth GS', and so I set it to 'Out to MidiYoke 1', and in the Kontact player, I clciked the 'Mid Ch:' option in the 'Violin 3 Guarn Solo' panel, and checked that it was assigned to 'In from MidiYoke 1'. Unfortuantely, this dosen't seem to have done much.

    Any further suggestions will be hugely appreciated.

    *I understand that some of you are not familiar with Sibelius, but hopefully you can understand this fine.

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    Re: Assinging the correct patches...

    So, now you have established that you use the same port (MIDI-Yoke 1) in both programs, but what about the MIDI channel?

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    Re: Assinging the correct patches...

    Ah yes! I see what you mean now. In Kontact 2, I can select a Midi Port (Midi Yoke 1), and then in another list there's all the channels. I Loaded my piece again in sibelius again (the full score with all the instruments), and the solo violin part was played by the Double Basses, which in GPO were on channel 6. So I made the GPO violin channel 6, swapping it with the Double Basses, and when I played it again, the solo violin part was played by a solo violin, which I thought was much more sensible.

    Anyway, what I have to do now is find out how to set, or at least look at, the channels in Sibelius. I'll post back if I find anything.

    Thanks for your help,


    Anyway, what I have to do now is find out how to set, or at least look at, the channels in Sibelius. I'll post back if I find anything.
    Turns out it's the box in the Mixer with the number in, labelled 'Channel'.

    Anyway, everything works now! Thanks again.

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