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Topic: Coincidence?

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    I have always liked the KS88's as I use them for lights / FOH chores, synths, etc. Anything w/ MMC, MTC and MIDI.

    But having 2 of them since they came out I thought I would share my experiences, good and bad.

    Once I wore out a contact under one of the keys, I realized the cost to fix it was a little less than just buying a new one. But after my first lost contact ( 2 1/2 years of gigs ) I simply designated it as a synth only controller, B2003, etc. But now the second KS88 has the same middle C contact gone. I doubt it's from hitting the keys too hard, or being as accurate as the 2 opaque stick tip sized windows on a Buddy Rich Snare, so I assume these boards use the cheapest build possible, as the entire keybed is 180 USD.

    My point is this, keybeds will last about 3 years max before contacts start to malfunction, they still work but only at 127, which renders it useless as an expressive controller.

    I guess I'll just buy another as they go for 360 shipped new.

    It paid for itself after 2 nights of work, so I guess the days of the disposable controllers is upon us. It makes me kind of angry though as my first KX88 lasted 10 years, and my Oberheim MC3000 is still used after 13 years w/ zero troubles.

    Ahh Shut Up And Play.

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    Re: Coincidence?


    I had my hopes up that you had an easy fix.
    I have a few boards with dead keys and just 127 keys

    What does one do with boards like this now?
    They're too good to just throw away.
    They're nearly worthless for use.
    Who would buy it? certainly not me.
    If you sit on them, would you be labeled a pack rat?

    ahhhhh the dilemmas

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    Re: Coincidence?

    Actually I have hardware analog synths I use live ( 4U's ) that are old and don't use velocity control, but are dynamically controlled by filters, etc.

    Trouble is, it's happened on both 88's now. For 360 shipped I'll just get another. My son will surely use it for remixes, etc. He's not bad chopwise for a 12 year old.

    The days of a repairman at the Ye' Old Music Shop are long gone. Besides they use a wrap around mold and make this the hardest controller to open and close. I put felt strips underneath to hit the lowest velocities better, and it took major patience to put back together. Without the felt, these contacts would have choked much earlier probably.http://www.planetz.com/forums/viewto...st=0&sk=t&sd=a

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