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Topic: Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

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    Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

    So I've been using Sonar 6 relatively glitch free for several months, until recently. The first issue I had was with Battery 2, it wouldn't load as a pluggin. When opened it is just a dark gray box with a smaller white box on top. That wasn't the worst thing on earth, I merely just proceeded by loading those banks into Kontakt 2 and going from there. But since then my bank/patch change function has stopped working. It claims that 0 is not available and when I try to change to any bank via a patch change nothing happens. I reinstalled both Sonar and Kontakt but none of the issues have gone away. Any ideas?

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    Re: Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

    Dynamic program change doesn't work with VST in Sonar. Use the DXi instead.

    Regarding Battery: Does it matter whether Options | Global ... | General | Enable X-Ray is checked or not? Btw, what's your OS? Battery 2 is not entirely new. It may not run on older OSs.

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    Re: Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

    Well, I'm running XP and it runs perfectly fine as a stand alone. I'd head about the problem with VST so I was running DTi, but the other issue is that I've been getting a fatal error message when I try to open any file a Kontakt bank loaded. This makes doing any work very frustrating. Any word on that. The error code is c0000005. I looked it up and no one really seemed to have a fix, just work arounds.

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    Re: Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

    DXi* sorry.

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    Re: Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

    Did you update Sonar to 6.21? I am using Sonar 6.21 with Kontakt 2.2.3/4 DXi and I never had any problems with that couple. Are you saying, that K2 DXi doesn't receive program change messages? If so, are you 100% sure it's the DXi and not the VST you are loading. I have never before heard people say, that a DXi doen't receive program change messages. It would be very odd, if it didn't work for you. But, then again, you do get that error message, so obviously something is wrong with your system. I just don't know what it is. Sorry.

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    Re: Sonar 6 conflicts and answers?

    So I reinstalled Sonar and the issue still was present, reinstalled Kontakt and the issue was still there. I updated both programs and the conflict went away. Three days later I purchased a Harddrive, installed it, then the next evening I tried to work on a project and when I opened the Kontakt pluggin (DXi) and when I play back the MIDI nothing happens. Despite the fact that I have the correct Channel/Bank selected nothing happens. Even the keyboard in the program doesn't play back sounds. It's not only with Kontakt I tried several other related pluggins and they won't work either. If I open up older files they work, I can do whatever I want, but new files don't work at all. I'm thinking there must be a setting that changed inside Sonar since the pluggins work fine as a standalone. I'm tired of chasing ghosts!

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