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Topic: Keyswitching Made Easy

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    Keyswitching Made Easy

    I am an old Giga guy from the last century, but decided to incorporate K2 into my rig so I could get some of those great sounding Romplers.

    Keyswitching while recording is a no brainer but live for the guys who really want the options of stacatto to swells and falls live w/o having to play w/ one hand I thought I'd share an ancient secret. I know guys who use Bass pedals, but there's other options, and I have used this 1U for a long time, and it also accepts SysEx from a sequencer's tempo track so it can be automated while recording.


    I only use 3 switch pedals for this, and the rest for Wah-wah, multiple drawbar movements on a single expression pedal, Filters, etc.

    It's pretty much for live performers, but I have noticed the time it saves when recording recently.


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    Re: Keyswitching Made Easy

    Thats pretty cool,
    whats the price for this?

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Keyswitching Made Easy

    Depends, how much for CHHorns II ? .....just kiddin'.
    I bought mine brand new for 160 USD.


    These guys will barter w/ you, they only hope that someone is dumb enough to pay 270 USD. Actually it is very well built and worth the money. I could never possibly play w/o it unless it was an automated jive job, but I love performing and improvising too much to do the Brittany / Shania Twain thing.

    BTW, could I upgrade w/ CHH 1's new upgrade, and then upgrade to version 2 w/o any repeated samples?

    I have been using CHH 1 and some Gigastudio libs. w/ the FP8 to good effect. But some chap did a decent demo w/ new content that sounded pretty sweet.


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    Re: Keyswitching Made Easy

    yeah That is actualy kinda kewl.
    Altho 8 pedals seems a bit crowded....

    Hm, when i think about it, already have a midi controller , DUH!
    A old rocktron guitar thingy with 10 pedals, that should be able to transmit note number as well.
    gonna try it out asap.

    Im just thinking out aloud now...

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    Re: Keyswitching Made Easy

    I feel like a Guitarist as I still have a stomper for my Rotary, and 2 sustains !

    But if one was using a sequencer live they could have SysEx strings chnage the note values and duties of all pedals during a tune and share them w/ a vocalist and other members.

    Our singer gets 2 switches. One is for a DSP based effect that emulates the Unison preset of a TC Helicon, great for adding strength to a Chorus or Bridge and muting the verses, and the PCM91 reverb gets muted in between songs as she likes to talk more than sing.....just kiddin', she's quite talented and actually hates trying to talk w/ reverb on her voice, so I said fine, her ya' go baby.

    We also use 3 way stereo wireless ear monitors and headset mics and having one pedal mute the mains for talkback is a life saver also.

    The possibilities are endless, but everyone wants one now as I have control over the mixer from Scope which allows every little detail to be addressed. It has become a nightmare of sorts......I often hear....she's got one, why can't I..............ahh shut up and jam.

    As long as my keyswitches are addressed, I must share.

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    Re: Keyswitching Made Easy

    Quote Originally Posted by scope4live View Post
    BTW, could I upgrade w/ CHH 1's new upgrade, and then upgrade to version 2 w/o any repeated samples?
    You should definitely update from CHH Vol.1 to Vol.1.5
    Have a look at the videos on my site, especially the "CHH - Tutorial Settings":
    One of the many new features is that you can customize your key-switches in many ways.
    This must be fun with your new controller.

    Off course, there will be a special crossgrade price for CHH Vol.2
    Details will be announced next week.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Keyswitching Made Easy

    I am quite Feverish.

    I remember you conversing here with users and actually listening to ideas and requests.

    What a concept.

    I enjoy performance features as much as new sounds, Thank You.

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