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Topic: good Ethnic VSTs- preferably free?

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    good Ethnic VSTs- preferably free?

    I wish to compose a song with Asian Ethnic drums. Might anyone recommend a good VST for this? Something free would be good, but aren't the freebies usually poor in overall quality?

    Also, do any VST programs allow for free trials?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: good Ethnic VSTs- preferably free?

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    Re: good Ethnic VSTs- preferably free?

    There are some drums on the Yellow Independence Free VST. Don't know if they'd be what you are after but its free so you only have you time lost.
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    Re: good Ethnic VSTs- preferably free?

    Thanks for the replies. I did try Asian dreamz and Indian Dreamz- not the drum sounds I was looking for, but thanks.

    buckshead, I can't seem to download Yellow Independence Free VST. When I try to on their website, it asks me for the serial or product Key, even though it says it's a free download. I can't ask how to acquire these on the forums because registering on the forums requires a serial too.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: good Ethnic VSTs- preferably free?

    Is "Asian" Indian, Chinese or something else?

    I don't know about freeware but if you are looking for Indian instruments you could try Swarplug http://www.swarsystems.com/SwarPlug/index.php

    If you are looking for Chinese instruments you could try Chineekong http://www.chineekong.com/chineekong.htm
    They have some pretty decent free percussion loops as well here

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