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Topic: latency with Finale 2009 and KP2

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    latency with Finale 2009 and KP2

    I have installed Finale 2009 on my new Mac Pro 8-core with 10 Gb Ram.
    Also I have installed the Kontakt Player 2 and the full GPO with updated samples.
    Now I experience a delay of somewhere between a quarter and half of a second when playing sounds through my keyboard. Considering the huge power of my Mac Pro, this can not be caused by large sample size or insufficient cpu speed. Is there a way to get rid of it and have immediate response of the keys, like I had before with Kontakt Player 1 through Finale 2006?
    Is there anybody experienced with Finale 2009 who can help me here?
    Please don't answer that the delay is caused by large sample-size, because I know direct response can work fine with Kontakt Player 2, for instance in Logic.
    Thank you,

    Maarten van Norden

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    Re: latency with Finale 2009 and KP2


    I have a 3.4 GHZ PC with 2 GB of ram. I have run Finale 2006-2009 with various Garritan products without problems. Since installed KP2 everything seems to operate correctly. However, a couple of times while I was working inputting and reviewing a score, say 10-12 staves, with KP2 instruments, I have suddenly noticed a delay when entering note from my midi keyboard or mouse by a delay of .5 to 1.0 second. I also notice that the playback is lagging the notes by the same amount.

    I have not found a reason that this happens or a solution other than completely closing Finale and restarting it. If I only close the score and reopen it the problem still exists.

    I know that this is not a solution to the problem but I have experienced a similar situation several times now and this is how I worked around it. Good luck with your future music efforts.



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