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Topic: It's been a Hard Drives night....)

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    It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Hey all.

    So, after reading the advice about hard drives for a Giga and Sonar set up (OS on C,
    Sonar audio on D, Giga samples on E) I bought that thrid hard drive.

    Yikes!! I am not sure how to hook this bad boy up (80gig 7200 IDE Internal)

    My pc\'s mother board has 2 slots for IDE ribbon cables. The first says PRIMARY...
    That hooks to my D drive as slave and the jumps to my C drive as master.

    The second says SECONDARY (go figure)...
    It hooks to my CDROM and the jumps to my CDR drive.

    So, I am thinking that my CDROM drive is getting wacked tonight?

    Whats the best way to add this 3 hard drive?

    UPDATE: Last night I removed my CD ROM drive(seconday slave) and replaced it with my CDRW drive (was secondary master now, set to secondary slave)..Then I hook in the 3rd hard drive and made it, secondary master...

    Here is whats up.
    Windows boots fine.
    System still fast.
    I click on MY COMPUTER
    I now have C D and E drive.

    But, when I try to copy a file to it (say a 60mb file)it takes forever and the if you move your mouse its like the mouse is drunk...after the file copies...it all goes back to normal.

    So, any thoughts? Also, could I just put my pc back to normal and get an external drive/
    Is USB ok for audio rec?

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Francis, are you sure you use a 80-connections cable to connect your new harddrive? If you use a DMA cable (40 pin) to an UDMA controller and enable UDMA on the harddrive, you will get the behavior you are talking about...

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Um, say that agin in english

    Just kidding. I am not sure. I used the ribbon cable that was attached to the cdrom. It fit should I have used the ribbon cable that came with?

    Also, I just spoke with a friend at Best Buy stores. They have a USB 2.0 external that runs at 7200rpm. Would that be good for audio? He said its blazing fast. 2.0 pci card thing that makes the usb 40 times faster.

    BTW, Simon...I really dig your stuff. Great work.

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Francis, you need to use an UDMA cable if you want to use your HD in UDMA mode. Those cables have 80 connectors compared to the old 40 pin ones. Try disabling DMA on your harddrives in Windows if you don\'t have an UDMA cable and see if it helps. It will slow down your HD\'s, but it might work. You really should get an 80 pin cable.

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Update: Had I spoken to Simon last night I could have got more then 3 hours sleep. Anyway, I uncheck DMA and the copy/drunk mouse thing went away. It copied an 180MB file in 8 seconds. So, with DMA off...is it still ok to record audio or stream giga via this drive/ I will be doing only one of the two.

    Hey sorry to bug you with this but...I just checked (counted it ) 40 pin. But, can an 80 pin fit? The 40pin fit just right. Know what I am sayinmg?

    Also, what is your take on the USB 2.0 @ 7200RPM?

    [This message has been edited by Francis Belardino (edited 02-16-2002).]

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    The 80-pin cable is the exact same size, just twice the amount of connections so dont worry

    About USB... Dunno, I\'d rather go with Firewire... I have had nothing but trouble with USB, and I would not trust a harddrive running at USB - I know Firewire works very well, even for video editing.

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    hu? I am being told that USB 2.0 is faster than firewire! Im lost. I could get an pci ide card and hook up the drive i just bought and get my rom back but if this usb 2.0 is all that ...maybe I should grab it. Im lost

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Well, I just bought a USB 2.0 7200RPM Drive that comes with a PCI 2.0 USB support card.
    480 mbits per sec.

    Plan to use this drive for ProTools/Sonar audio data only. Wish me luck

    I would assume that this is a better solution that running a internal IDIE drive along with my CDRW on the Secondary chain... I think so.

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    Francis, good luck - but no, not really a problem to run your HD on the 2nd IDE channel along a CDRW. First of all your HD on that IDE channel will only MAYBE slow down, when you use the CDRW. But to be safe, just place it as a master. A master on 2nd IDE channel with a CD-R as slave won\'t be slower than one without the CD-R - ONLY, theoretically, when the CD-R is running. But I don\'t assume you will use GigaStudio so much while burning CD\'s anyway

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night....)

    USB 2.0 is faster than Firewire, but it may inherit some of the problems of USB 1.0. Timing issues, \"waiting\" issues...jsut things that caused USB to be a problem for alot of heavy streaming applications. With the new speed it may be better or less noticable. EgoSys is designing a cool very small Adat out USB device. I believe its USB 2, but could be Very cool.

    Anyhow. If you plan on using the drive as a Gig drive, i\'d be careful with USB. If you plan on using it for an audio drive. I dont think it would be that much trouble. Its new speed and the right buffer settings for Audio playback should be fine enough. not to mention the drive itself wont really take advatnage of what USB 2.0 can deliver.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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