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Topic: Back it up, buddy!

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    Back it up, buddy!

    A few of you are aware that I recently suffered through the dreaded "fried hard drive" scenario, which put my participation in the forums at somewhat of a standstill while I regrouped, recovered, and reloaded.

    After being a member of the arrogantly naive "it'll never happen to me" club, I got smart (as in less stupid) about two years ago; I installed a second internal hard drive, invested in an external hard drive, and signed up for an online data storage service (Mozy) that backs up all my files every day for a very nominal fee. In other words, I had three back-up systems working for me.

    Although I was just about to switch over to a new customized laptop system anyway when the aneurism hit (from Rain Computers -- check 'em out online; I'm very impressed with mine -- it's awesome!), I still had to go through the inconvenience of getting a new drive installed, reinstalling the OS and whatever programs I still wanted running on that particular computer, then recovering all of the files. But the key word here is "inconvenience"; I would have been absolutely, completely devastated if I had lost all those files!

    Soooo... my whole point is back up your stuff!!! I know most of you do, but I know some of you don't. And it's so easy! You could be next!

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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    Hard drives are SOOO cheap now. Here is what I did. I bought a 1TB drive on eBay, installed it in an exterior enclosure, put ALL my archives on it, and stored it in a firesafe. $100 for the firesafe, $150 for the drive. Of course, I have other redundant backups like DVDs for the smaller files.
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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    You are both absolutely right. Current backup, with redundancy is vitally important. This needs to be said often, because there still are those who are careless, until the first disaster.


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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    My story of why I started backing up can be summarized as:

    Macs may be idiot-proof, but they aren't CJ-proof.

    I now own a 1 TB Time Capsule from Apple to backup my Macs too.
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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    I bought a second system with two drives and recently purchased an external from Glyph (GT 050Q 500GB).

    My older PC has two 80GB drives as well one for the OS and the other for backup/music files and what evva! I was using a 1GB Quickidrive from MicroAdvantage but soon learned just how reliable quickdrives (flashdrives) are. Mine no longer works.

    Plus, my work is immediately saved on DVD and or CDR for just for piece of mind (if I have any pieces left to mind!

    But the best back up system I have is my pet parrot who copies every thing I do to a T and never stops singing my work back to me. How can I ever go wrong? ...... Unless a cat .... never mind.

    I am currently in the market for a power mac, mack!

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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    Thanks for the tip!

    I took your advice and signed up for Mozy's free service, so my most important files are backed up.

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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    Great reminder Danny. I started using an online backup service and it's great.

    In fact I had an occasion the other day to restore some files for a client to my work laptop and email them to him so he could meet a deadline he was under. Just another benefit of the online services that are out there.

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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    Good point.

    I just signed up for an unlimited account. Mozy will back up external drives. Being a Mac type, I will just have it back up the drive I use for Time Machine, since Time Machine backs up my laptop.


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    Re: Back it up, buddy!

    The other advantage of an external harddrive is the sheer time-saving that can be achieved when rebuilding systems.

    I recently spent a lot of time getting all my Kontakt samples into a tree structure that made sense to me - starting with 'Classical,' Pop and Ethnic at the top, etc. I copied all my free samples into it, then all my bought libraries (most of which specifically allowed for a personal backup), then converted all my old Giga libraries into it. A lot of time was spent opening instruments and resaving them, so that I had a uniform approach to the route from instruments to their samples throughout. Finally I put the whole lot on a new USB harddrive.

    Once I'd reinstalled Windows on my two Kontakt machines I simply copied my entire sample library to them in one go, where I would have spent about two days feeding in DVDs.

    I also backed up a couple of player instruments from an unmentionable developer, whose discs always give me cyclic redundancy errors. Not only are all the cabs now in one folder, so that I don't need to feed in the million DVDs, but there's no more scrabbling around trying to find a machine that will read the discs, then writing specific cabs to blank DVDs, etc.

    I love my external harddrive.

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    Re: Back it up, buddy!


    Great advice to us all. I see that replies above have given
    a lot of us insight on how to make backup easy and protective.

    Great thread. We need more of this kind of advice, Danny.

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