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Topic: Simple multi strings

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    Simple multi strings

    Hi GigaUsers,

    I have this question:

    I have a homestudio for recording my own music. Mostly guitar/vocal oriented sometimes with drums and bass added. With GigaStudio I was able to add some different flavours to my music.

    I\'m currently using Bigga Gigga\'s Fender Rhodes, Sonic Implant Stringboxes, GigaPiano that came with GS and last but not least Dan Dean\'s Solo strings.

    I like to use the Cello/Viola/Violin for adding flavour to my music. For this purpose Dan Dean\'s library is very good. The only problem with the library is that it delivers only solo strings (don\'t worry, I wasn\'t surprised!!!). I would like to have the possibility to add these in groups. Doubling the same sound is not an option because the result is terrible. No chorus experiments either, it\'s just not the sound I want.

    So here\'s my question: What is, for my purposes, the best grouped strings library with around the same possibilities as Dan Dean\'s solo strings?

    Since it isn\'t my primary instrument and just for flavour adding I don\'t want to spend to much on it. I just want to be able to create an ever bigger sound then with the solo strings.

    Advise please and thank you all in advance for helping me along and reading this rather long introduction to my question



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    Re: Simple multi strings

    grouped strings? do you mean ensembles? or more solo strings?

    I would suggest the \"Chromatic sample retune trick\" but the vibrato sync is a real issue with small ensemble strings so it would sound pretty bad.

    you can take a look at XSample Solo strings, but they dont have Vibrato

    You can also look at VRSound\'s strings. some tuning paroblems in some of the high notes from listening to the demos tho.

    for ensembles that aren\'t too expensice, you can looke at Ultimate Strings. Its not that bad of a library, especially if oyu have good reverbs and know your way around the editor if you hear any tuning problems)

    its really hard to suggest an available library without knowing exaclty what you are looking forf tho.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Simple multi strings


    Have you downloaded the latest articulation files for Dan Dean Solo Strings? There are individual ART files for all 3 instruments, and they include ensemble articulations.

    You\'ve probably already done this, but just in case, it might help you a bit.

    Go to Dan Dean\'s web site, http://www.dandeanpro.com/news.htm and click on the UPDATES setion.

    -- Robert

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    Re: Simple multi strings

    With grouped strings I mean four or more instruments at the same time. I hoped I had made myself clear, but I was not apparently!

    So what I wanted is a sample library like the dan dean\'s solo strings only then 4-strings or 8-strings. I want to use it to get more orchestral backing possibilities instead of one of each (cello/viola/violin).

    I did not know about the update, I will look into that now.



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