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Topic: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

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    Will i be able to use omnisphere with a windcontroller/breathcontroller?
    Can you assign breathdata to it?

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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    Ohhhhh.....yeah. :-)

    You can assign breath and controller data to modulate all sorts of expressive parameters.

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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    Interesting, I´m considering getting a breath controller together with other instruments anyway. Using it with Omni also, would be great!

    What wind controller would you recommend?

    I´m looking at the following:
    - YAMAHA BC 3 Breathcontroller
    - Midi Solution Breath to Midi Box Midi Prozessor (convering the signal from the BC 3 and sending it to my midi in interface)

    Would you recommend this?

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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    I have that exact setup and love it. Also very cool for Wallanders WIVI and Samplemodellings The Trumpet.
    Just make sure you download that little sysexfile for the MIDIsolutions converter that changes the default output from volume to breathcontrol.
    In its default state it will put out volume control changes and those only screw up the mixer settings in your DAW.
    Some good soul here at NS pointed me to that solution and it works great.
    Try some search for BC-3 and you should find it.


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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    Interesting stuff......I use a Godin Synth Access guitar synth. Will I be able to use one of these breath control setups also, to control wind instruments in my GPO, J&BB and others?

    Does anyone know if it just connects to a port on the MIDI Interface or would it have to connect to my guitar to midi converter directly or the keyboard controller? ( I'm not a keyboard player though )

    I have the MOTU Midi Express 128 and connected to that I have the MIDI outs of the Axon guitar/midi converter and my Roland Edirol keyboard controller. Then it goes via USB to the Mac in which my DAW is Pro Tools.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    most multi in/out midiinterface will merge the inputs.
    i have all of my controllers including the MIDI solutionsbox connected to my AMT8.
    Works like a charme


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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: omnisphere->windcontroller/breath?

    Thanks for the tip! :-)

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