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Topic: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

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    Arrow Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    My Friends:

    With great trepidation but a certain satisfaction, I'm
    pleased to mention that I have recently released two CD's:

    Symphony No. 4
    "Quantum Rapture"
    By David Sosnowski
    [Amazon ] [ Kunaki ] [ CDBaby ] [ Target ]

    Beyond the Event Horizon
    Concerto for Violin & Orchestra
    By David Sosnowski
    [ Amazon ] [ Kunaki ] [ CDBaby ] [ Target ]

    You can visit www.DavidSosnowski.com for more details and
    relevant links (or click on the images and links above).

    These are both now available on Amazon (if it says out of
    stock, they'll be restocked soon, and can still be ordered)
    and also via Kunaki. They will shortly be on CDBaby, as well.
    It also appears that Target Stores (Target.com) picks up
    the feed from Amazon within a day or two.

    Symphony No. 4 you may recall from the individual movements
    first premiered on the Garritan Forum Listening Room in the
    following threads:

    I. The Realization of Light
    II. The Emergence of Time
    III. The Discourse of Stars

    Originally conceived and written as a symphony, initially
    I felt the movements stood individually; but might be too
    taxing taken as a whole. With time, though, and distance
    from the work, I decided to formally release as a symphony.
    The movements were completely remastered for the CD.

    Beyond the Event Horizon was also first premiered on this
    forum, in this thread:

    Beyond the Event Horizon

    At the time, I had some hestitation about calling it a violin
    concerto. But again, with time and reflection, I believe it
    stands well as a modern, single-movement concerto. The CD
    is derived from the same recording you've all heard.

    Naturally, these are entirely produced solely with Garritan
    Libraries -- primarily GPO, with JABB for some of the brass,
    and the Strad for the soloist in the violin concerto.

    There was much to learn in a great many regards. How to
    "master" the CD properly; get it produced, packaged, UPC'd,
    and ready for distribution... and much more. Learning the
    ropes of getting onto Amazon and other CD and digital distri-
    bution avenues was likewise a challenge.

    It is my hope that my experience and what I've learned in these
    areas will be of benefit to all of you, too, my friends. Feel
    free to ask questions about the whole process: I will answer
    to the best of my ability.

    With Gary's consent, I am posting this here in the Listening
    Room where all the work gets done (rather than General Discussion).
    There are so many of you who labor just as hard at your music
    as I do -- it's both Gary's hope and mine that knowing and
    seeing it can be done will encourage you, too, to go forward
    with CD and digital distributions of your own work.

    Wish me luck!

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Wow, David - Congratulations!

    Please explain what is involved getting a CD on Amazon, how you mastered the CD, and how to set it all up.?

    I have a CD on Lulu.com but I would like to, later, move on as you did. How did you get on Amazon? Do they and others help promote your CD?

    Please let me us know what is involved. Sounds very exciting and a real possibility for all of us here.

    Thanks David.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Congratulations on your accomplishments, David.
    Very impressive. I wish you all the best!

    Robert Tewes

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    Thumbs up Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    To a well deserved composer:


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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Very good news!!!!Congratulations.


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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Sell a million, Mr. David. All the best to you.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux View Post
    My Friends:

    With great trepidation but a certain satisfaction, I'm
    pleased to mention that I have recently released two CD's:

    I hope you heed my passion when I say I consider you and everyone here, more family than just friend. Everyone here is so great, and I think without this great forum and all it's users, composers like yourself, and most of the rest of us, would have doubt of any leg to stand on. I honestly feel like this forum has become a home to me. I don't spend much time here anymore being so busy with college work (bleh) and my new girlfriend. But frankly I find it taxing on my spirit not to say something to one of our composer brothers/sisters when they complete as project as huge and glorious as this one. Congratulations so much on your great and exciting news. I am very proud of all the adventures you shared with us that eventually lead to moments of sheer greatness like this. Honestly David, you do great work and provide us all with great personal feedback all the time, that you deserve much more than just these couple CD's, but it's a start. We need to get a symphony to play and record it for you. New York Phil's a good one no? haha. Congratulations again!

    On a 'nother note, I thought it pertinent to mention that the mp3s on your site are fully download-able by going to the page source(ctrl+U on windows), and I just wanted to suggest that if you are trying to sell these as a CD, it would be in your best interest to encrypt the source code so any direct download isn't possible. Also, if that sounds too complicated, you might consider just mixing the movements on the CD down to the highlights and kind of leave it at little more than 60 seconds of music.
    If you need any help with any of that I would be willing to assist you in anyway that I can.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

    My demos:

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    Cool Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Great news, David! I really wish you good luck!

    I love the CD covers!

    They look great and they mirror the seriousness of your music!


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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings


    I hope you know that "I care" about you. Best of luck with this. I know exactly what you're going thorught, since it's only a few months before I do the same thing... (SPAM YAY!)

    But really, once I get settled and relax a bit I will buy these! Not only for appreciation for who you are, not only for Garritan and the community. Esepciaclly for my passion in CDs and the love I have for your music! (If I were you I would publish the improvisations, as well, btw ).

    You do remember how you helpd me phychologically with your piano impros! This is rare. This is special! This is something magnificent!


    1. I will buy, once I find a bit of $ (seems rediculous, but a new house calls for every single $ you have left), both of your CDs.
    2. I wish you the best of luck with the sales! After all, why not? Is it bad to feel this way? I think not!
    3. Advertist everywhere you can: myspace, facebook, NSS, everywhere! Everywhere!

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    Re: Sosnowski Releases CD Recordings

    Interestingly, Amazon seem to be out of stock. Is this GOOD news or BAD news.
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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