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Topic: Omnisphere on Mac G5

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    Omnisphere on Mac G5

    I have a TDM Accel 3 Pro Tools setup... running on Mac G5 2.0 dual... PT 7.1... 4.5GB RAM... OS 10.4.6

    Will Omnisphere run on this set up? (Atmosphere works great)


    Ray Lyon

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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    Yes, but it will be limited.

    That's really a bare bones system for Omnisphere.

    It requires a powerful computer to get the most out of it.

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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum View Post
    Yes, but it will be limited.

    That's really a bare bones system for Omnisphere.

    It requires a powerful computer to get the most out of it.
    How limited? Can you be more specific?

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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    It's a difficult question to answer conclusively, because it depends on many different factors.

    You'll still be able to play a lot of the Patches, but maybe not all of them, fewer voices, etc. Multitimbral use will be limited. Using it with other things going on simultaneously would be limited.

    RTAS in general needs a little higher overhead to function well than AU/VST.

    There's always the options of higher buffer sizes and freezing/rendering tracks to audio too, but those approaches can be less than ideal in certain situations. It depends hugely on how you want to use Omnisphere.

    So the bottom line is that you can get started using Omnisphere if you like, but the overall difference with a faster computer on your rig would be significant.

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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5


    How would you say Omnisphere will run on an older Windows XP Pro SP2 system with a Dual Core P4 3.2 ghz and 4 gb of Ram? I would be using it in Cubase SX 3.


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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    Thank you for your reply Eric... I can't believe my 3 year old G5 is getting long in the tooth!! Neverthless, I trudge on...

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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    Well Balsam ...I think that when the Intel Macs came out is was the death knell for the Power PC. I got caught in that when the G5's came out. I had the money for a G5 but I had a Digi 001 and it was not qualified on the G5's and were not going to be. So rather than face having to buy a new Digi system as well as a new computer.. I went with a G4 Dual Processor which was kinda the shiznit at the time. I was obsolete within months! Mainly due to Pro Tools versions yada yada. I still had to upgrade to the Digi 002 anyway so I should have just done it the first time. Then again I would have been facing what you are right now.

    It is never ending.

    Everyone now seems to be getting 8 core so you know the developers are going after what they can do with that. I will soon be obsolete again or close to it.

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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    Hi all this is my first post here.

    I have a Macbook Core Duo,2gig RAM,200gig 7200 internal and external HD
    is this gonna be enough to run single patches? surely Omnisphere has got
    to run better than the Intel wrapper for Atmosphere! I'm at the limit for RAM
    with this first generation Macbook. I really don't want to upgrade to a new
    computer any time soon.

    btw I'm running Logic 8.02 and PT Mpowered/Mbox LE 7.4.2cs1 on 10.5.5
    with a Project Mix.


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    Re: Omnisphere on Mac G5

    I had Atmosphere on my 2.66 MacPro Quad with 2 G memory and it was just was just awful...terrible latency with my guitar synth, I had to reduce the number of voices down to 5 or 6 or I would get clicks and pops and the worst of it was it would cause Pro Tools to crash a lot...it made everything very unstable. What sucked was that the sounds were so darned good I just wished it would work properly.

    Omnisphere is so much better, the difference is like chalk and cheese. I'm hearing sounds come out of it I would never have imagined and I have not even begun to edit stuff yet and try to apply any sort of controllers or anything. You won't be disappointed.

    I am not sure about your computer but I don't see the problem other than I might record to an external drive....but you should be able to run all the bigger patches and multi's no problem....maybe get more memory....I am going to take mine to 4GB. About Logic, I don't know..I think a couple ofguys are having Logic problems I could be wrong.....I would wait for Eric to comment, but Omnisphere is definitely way and above Atmosphere.

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