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Topic: Music from the project I'm working on...

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    Music from the project I\'m working on...

    I thought I would post a few pieces of music from the video game I\'m currently working on to get some feedback.

    My ears are kind of tired and need some fresh ones. http://www2.ravensoft.com/users/zquarles/music/end_credits.mp3 - ending credits sequence. http://www2.ravensoft.com/users/zquarles/music/kam3.mp3 - a tense portion of the game. http://www2.ravensoft.com/users/zquarles/music/shop.mp3 - walking around an office building.

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    Hey Zack,

    Cool stuff. Need to hear it in the game, it sounds kind of ambient. Probably because its going to be looped constantly right?

    If you\'ve got a chance to go back to any of these, I\'d suggest trying short pitch bends into notes with the French Horn. The quick attack on every note makes it sound a little unrealistic. Its more that they are the same attack not that it shouldn\'t be a short/hard attack. Maybe add some breath points in between the notes. They sound like they have lungs the size of hot air balloons

    How long are they allowing the pieces of music to be? Looks like around a minute per level. I hate these kinds of limitations. Developers say \"hey we want really cool music, that fits the area of the game, but we only have so much money.....so lets devide the musin into equal parts of length....oh yah...well there are...uhm..this many levels...so lets see one minuite per level. Lets make the leveel REALLY long, so try to make the music un repetative....\"

    <shakes head>

    I jsut finished a game a few months ago where I had this kind of limitation AND I hadn\'t even seen ANY working part of the game until I was almost finished with all the music!

    ok Rant off

    Anyhow, if you can get a little more music space and are allowed to go back and tweak, AND if these are ingame music sequences. I\'d suggest atleast a Minor Third Transposition half way through a couple of themes.

    Anyhow, these are just suggestions, I haven\'t seen the game and have no idea how much time you have or if the music is done or not or whatever...So dont take it as me trying to be a know it all. Actually I\'m a dunno it...huh? kind of person.

    If it is done the music is cool, its jsut I heard areas where you could possibly make it sound more reaslisitc. Not trying to be a jerk

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    Thanks for the suggestions, that\'s exactly what I needed, my brain was getting a bit fried.
    Yes, they are a certain length because they are looped pieces, the frustrating this is that mp3s don\'t loop very well, so we have to be clever with crossfading in our music system and it doesn\'t make for the most concise loop points.
    Oh well.
    I was thinking I need to change the brass a bit, so you just gave me the excuse to, Thanks!!!
    btw; I currently write with reverb and and effects already attached to the instruments (ala NFX) how does everyone else write? Do you write dry and then add reverb at the end or do it the way I do?
    I\'ll make some changes to the first one here pretty soon and repost it to see what everyone thinks.
    thanks again!

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    btw King, what game did you just finish?

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    If you write as you play, definitely use reverb.
    If you dont you\'ll spend too much time trying to fill the empty sapece to make it sound bigger

    if you write on paper. Switch your computer off and save some power

    Seriously tho. Most people put a basic reverb on if they\'re noodling over music. It gives you a better representation of what you\'ll get when you start to mix.

    I use my VS1680 internal Reverb for this. In fact sometimes I like the baic mix I get with this aproach better than actually using higher quality reverbs/spending time with placement. MAybe its because my ear gets used to the sound.

    What libraries/Modules are you using?

    The last game I finished was Godai: Elemental Force.

    Reviews are slamming the game but the music is getting high marks Yay for me. I\'ve worked on a game that no one will play ! Check out the review at Gamespy, its actually a quite amusing review. They gave me the best quote for music I\'ve worked on to date. Its hidden in all the disgust they have for the rest of the game.

    Currently working on a game for SONY with interactive music. Now this is tough!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    About MP#s The thing with them is that they add frames to the begginninng and end of the file. This ruins any loops you could create in a Wave file.

    If you are using MP3s. I\'d suggest seeing if the engine will allow for multiple streams. Then you could compose the pieces like you have, and have a \"transition\" MP3 that plays a sustaining note or ambience that hidees the loop point. If you could get it to trigger near the end of the first MP3 you should be all good.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    By the way King, if you ever work on an RPG, no matter how big or small, you GOTTA let me know! I\'d love to give suggestions on the sucker.

    Anyway, yeah... the mp3s you posted just need some general tweaking like what King said The brass is just... flat. Not \"out of tune\" flat, but somewhat lifeless. EQ some of \'em.

    In \"shop\", ocassionally cross to some tremelo strings instead of long sustains throughout the entire thing (if not trem, maybe a heavy vibrato if you\'ve got one). When changing some of the chords, you might want to fade them out a bit more and pause ever so slightly.

    In \"kam3\", use a short timp roll instead of the hits.

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    Okay - I added some breath points and some additional percussion...I still need to give more life to the brass; it\'s just not blowing my skirt up, especially the last phrase before the final piano passage comes in.
    I\'m normally more of an ambient sort of guy so this orchestra business is a bit new to me!
    King - I use AO and a K2500 mostly...I desparately need to get QLB and some sort of choir library, but I\'m broke at the moment
    Lance - thanks for the suggestions, I\'m going to work with the brass a little more...maybe add a bit of Maarten\'s trumpets or something http://www2.ravensoft.com/users/zquarles/music/end_credits.mp3

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    What you may want to to do get a better brass sound, is build a secondary patch for the instruments with a more \"sfz\" type attack, Soft at the sample start, but gets loud quick, then comes down slightly for the sustain.

    It will add a little expression to the sound. The attacks are pretty immediate right now, but no human plays the same exact attack on every note . That whould help you out with the brass.

    If you\'re going for a more traditional orchestral feel (I dont think you need to), you could benefit from other\'s help I\'m sure. Anyhow, if you are, watch your panning of instruments, and turn up the strings a little. Again I dont think you need to. Its more work than you need to do and sometimes the result inst worth it. Sometimes mixing in a non traditional way hides the shortcomings of samples

    Keep an eye on your noise floor (I\'m one to talk). you\'ve got tradck noise that dissapears at around 2:37. If it sounds bad cutting it out earlier than this, I\'d say leave it in \'till the end but fade it till its a little quieter. Most people dont hear noise until you make it obvious it was there by taking it out (or putting it in).

    Also look at your sustains in the piano. Sounds like GigaPiano and its ring can get dissonant if you keep the pedal down and throw lots of verb on it. I thought you might be going for this sound, but wasn\'t sure.

    Oh also...Dont mind what we say we have nothing better to do that nit pick at your music Seriously tho. Go with your ears, and when you\'re happy with something stop posting the mp3....we\'ll always hear something different than you if you give us the option to. It may end up making you work too much on a particular piece that you shouldn\'t be focusing on and could better spend your resources on other work. Time is always important Not pleasing geeks like me who talk too much.

    arrgh dammit 3rd edit...

    Lance. If I get to work on an RPG I\'l be a happy man...well maybe. Depends on the RPG Actually if I get a nice millitiristic action game or RPG I\'ll be very happy. Especially if I\'m allowed to do the music in streaming audio... if not..then I\'ll be happy but frustrated

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Music from the project I\'m working on...

    Don\'t worry about giving me suggestions, I\'m a big boy, I can take it!
    I\'m really enjoying this, most of the people I ask just go, \"Uhh..sure...that\'s sounds cool.\" So it\'s nice to hear feedback from the trained ear.
    I\'m going to work on the attacks and stuff for the brass now...so I\'ll probably post another updated one a bit later...

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