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Topic: Want to do a reinstall of Omnisphere

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    Want to do a reinstall of Omnisphere

    Since the problems I had in getting Logic to see Omni, I want to do a full reinstall. Can i just reinstall on top of my current version of Omni. I don't need to trash anything first right?


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    Re: Want to do a reinstall of Omnisphere

    Anybody out there...

    New Mac guy here sorry.


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    Re: Want to do a reinstall of Omnisphere

    Hi..I thought you did the trash the Omni comonent then re-instal JUST the plugin part of disc one ?? The 5 step thing Glenn O suggested.. If so yoou souldn't need to re-instal anything other than that...But I am assuming the instal done without trashing everything you can find in regards to omnisphere..Right over it will go very quickly..Most likely it will just see that what you are installing is already there and just not download it...Why would you want to go thru the hell of the whole download again..Man that was long for me..Never want to do that again...LOL...JON

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    Re: Want to do a reinstall of Omnisphere

    BTW guys I have always understood that Macs like you to repair permissions after every install. Not sure this has anything to do with your problems but should be done anyway. I always do mine.

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    Re: Want to do a reinstall of Omnisphere

    Yeah jonkuzma,

    It been a stressful weekend to say the least.

    I did indeed get it working by moving the component file out/in thing. As I was going through auditioning Omni on my brand new G-Drive Q 500g started to behave erratic, with clicking and stopping starting, and wouldn't mount. It seems I got a bad one. So that's how my night ended.

    Now the whole Omni library is on this bad drive. I plugged it in again and it worked for a few minutes, but then same stuff. I going out to get a replacement right now.

    I figured since my drive has died I will need to do a whole reinstall of Omni to the new drive. Unless someone might have a procedure on transferring the library over to the new drive with the same folder names and all. Would that be possible? But I'm wondering if the bad drive will work long enough to allow this. It seems really messed up.

    About the repair permissions, I did and all was fine. I knew that much, I'm learning.

    Thank you Lister and jonkuzma for replying.


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