Back from the studio....
We\'ve sampled a Malmsjo Grand. 4 velocities pedal up, 4 velocities pedal down, 4 velocities of releasesamples.
The Malmsjo was sampled using x/y mics (Milab\'s) and was recorded through a Drawmer 1960 tube preamp directly to harddisk.
The recording was made at 24 bits/44.1Khz stereo.
The goal was to capture the instrument in a way that keeps the warmth of the Malmsjo, that\'s why we placed the mics the way we did, (no closemics\'s), and that\'s why we used a tube preamp. The preamp gives the warmth that tubes gives at the same time as it\'s very quit (-128db).
Right now what we have is around 7 Gb of uncut wav-files, so theres a bit of work in front of us. But the piano will have, as usual, a very nice pricetag when ready....

Bigga Giggas