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Topic: GPO and Tracktion

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    GPO and Tracktion

    I'm having an odd problem with Tracktion 3 and Garritan Personal Orchestra (with the Kontakt player) on a Windows XP PC.
    I like things simple and I like to use GPO by loading every instrument on a seperate track. I have in this way two instances of the Kontaktplayer; one loaded with Cello KS Combo and one with Vlns 1 KS Combo. In both I use keyswitches to switch from regular long notes, to mutes and to thrills here and there. Midi is on omni in both. Everything works as it should, plays as it should and even renders as it should.

    But then I save the project, close it and open it later to find that it doesn't play correctly anymore; I get only thrills-sounds. When I remove the instruments and load them again they play correctly again (but this is kinda tedious as a workaround)
    I'm obviously missing something, probably with the way Tracktion save settings (presets, programs etc) Could someone shed any light on this? (I post this in both the Tracktion and the GPO forum)

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    Re: GPO and Tracktion

    Hi monopoli,
    My first thought is that the instruments aren't reading all of their keyswitches, or that they've read the trill keyswitch last on a playback and then haven't received a new "Short+Sus" command. Tracktion may not look at the notes played beforehand when you hit Play. To combat this, at the start of all of your tracks, try inserting a "Short+Sus" keyswitch (C0 on many of the patches, C-1 on others). You might also considering inserting periodic keyswitches repeating the playing style throughout the piece to pick up the style in case you stop in a section where the instruments are using a different articulation.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: GPO and Tracktion

    I think I already tried that though and that it didn't work (not really sure now so I will try it again)
    Also I'm not even sure it's just playing the thrills-samples; it's as though it's playing all the variations at once or something (it also sounds louder than normal)

    Meanwhile other suggestions are still welcome. I actually think it must be something screwy with the way Tracktion saves settings, but on the Mackieforum I didn't get a reply so far.

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    Re: GPO and Tracktion

    OK, it's even more hopeless then I reported before. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but using GPO in Tracktion seems to be almost impossible. Often when I have more than two instances of the Kontaktplayer with GPO it plays alright but when I render it only renders one or two tracks (seemingly at random) and after that Tracktion hangs and I have to restart the computer to continue. This isn't a CPU-thing cause it even happens in relatively small projects where the CPU-meter isn't even halfway.To make it more puzzling; I sometimes manage to get projects like that to render alright by deleting the Kontaktplayers and/or their respective GPO instruments and then loading them again, but this works in rare cases and it could well be that the next time I open the project I have the same problem again. Also rendering only the problematic track also causes Tracktion to hang.

    This could well be a Tracktionproblem, but I have only had this with using several instances of GPO in Kontaktplayer so far. Any help appreciated!

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