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Topic: Finale, GJBB and Sonar

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    Finale, GJBB and Sonar

    I have exported a score from Finale 2009 as a .mid and imported it into Garritan. I used the notation instruments. The problem is my sax section is much softer than the rest of the band.

    For those of you who have not done this, Finale, I guess as a part of human playback, shapes the volume of each note.

    Of course, nothing is ever that simple. I tried using the velocity offset in Sonar to increase the volume to no avail. I looked in the event editor and saw that all the volume information in the piece is controller 7 not mod wheel like Garritan specifies. If I try using the volume control in the mixer mode, it works until the next bit of controller data comes along.

    I know there a lot of smart people out there. I hope one of you can help me.

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    Re: Finale, GJBB and Sonar

    Hi Brian,

    You have a few options in Sonar.

    The first is actually within Kontakt. Under the options bar, select "Accept Standard Controllers for Volume and Pan." This will activate controller 7. See if this fixes the problem to your satisfaction. If the saxes are still not loud enough, you can also affect the audio (not MIDI) output of the sax instruments by raising their volume sliders on the outputs section of Kontakt Player 2 (or alternatively raise the fader on the specific Kontakt Player output in Sonar).

    Another thing you can do is try to move the CC7 data over to modwheel CC1 data. To do this, select all the midi data in the track you're interested in and use the Interpolate command from the Process dropdown to filter all incoming CC7 data (select Controller 7 to Controller 7 with all values on the first page) into CC1 data (select Controller 1 to Controller 1 with all values on the second page). In theory you can also do this operation with MIDI-OX, though I think it's a little more convoluted.

    Hope this helps,

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