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Topic: Woodwind Samples Comparison

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    Woodwind Samples Comparison

    Here are two very similar sequences using woodwind samples from different libraries Each sequence uses samples from one library exclusively.



    The sequences are not identical. I use a bass clarinet in one sequence and a bassoon in another. There's a few differences in some up and down runs given the libraries and their different articulations.

    You will probably identify the libraries soon enough.

    I'd like to know which mix sounds better.

    Enjoy. It's a short piece.


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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    Wow.. I prefer the first one.
    What the library you're using? (please PM me)
    Both sound good, the second one doesn't sound that good at first, but both do sound good.

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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by hendyb View Post
    What the library you're using? (please PM me)
    Why a PM? This should not be kept private.

    No idea what the first one is, but the 2nd sounds like EWQL. I like the first one better, but the 2nd would be better with some work, including rolling off some highs.


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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    first one=sounds "real".

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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    the first one.

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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    Great stuff again Marko. These short pieces are great and don't meander aimlessly. They get to the point. I don't really care what you use - it's musical AFAIC>

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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    The first one is good.I'd say VSL SE
    Don't like the second one , sounds fake, without character....

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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    First one VSL and secone one EW?

    First one is definitly better...
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    hendyb, Jeffrey, artsoundz, Ken-P, PaulR, jazzobiz, and Nicolas.

    Thank you all for your replies.

    You're right. The first one is Vienna Instruments and the second is EW.

    Note that with the Vienna sequence I used Altiverb and I panned the two instruments left and right with the bass clarinet just off center. In the EW sequence I used two mic positions only (the c and f mics). The S mics sometimes spread the sound too much for my taste.

    It would be nice to hear the EW samples through Altiverb, but my set up is such that I cannot do this.

    I would have used the same instrumentation, but I have just the one volume of Woodwinds from Vienna and so I am missing all the bassoon articulations. Otherwise, I would have made the sequences nearly identical.

    I love the intimacy and the range of articulations in the Vienna samples. The EW sequence may not have the same intimacy, but I like the air of the hall sound.

    (I just remixed and reposted the second one to make a better quality mp3 file.)

    Thanks again for checking it out.


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    Re: Woodwind Samples Comparison

    I think I prefer the second one, as the space sounds very real -- and the instruments sound like they exist in it very well. Articulations are good. Very believable, I would say.
    First one is believable, too. But the second I like better.


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