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Topic: Stradivari Violin Problems

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    Stradivari Violin Problems

    Hey there.

    I just bought a version of the Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin. I've hooked it up to a demo version of Kontakt 3 and a full version of Logic 8, and it's the damnedest thing... All my velocities are the same! No matter if I'm pressing the keys lightly or hard, the velocity is always the same. I also can't seem to edit the attack, hold, curve, delay, etc...

    I'm using a Yamaha MIDI keyboard and never had any problems like this before. Do you think it's because I'm not using a full version of Kontakt?

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Problems

    If I remember correctly, it is programmed that way. For Volume you need some controller, best will be an expression pedal. Mod wheel is for vibrato, aftertouch for vibrato speed. The key switches are in the pdf manual.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Problems

    You should be using the Kontakt 2 player that comes with it. The strad is not totally compatible with Kontakt 3. Read the manual that came with it for proper use of the instrument.


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