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Topic: Sostenuto Users?

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    Question Sostenuto Users?

    I am interested if anyone uses this pedal while performing.
    It's use seems overlooked by developers, and performers here and I am desperately searching for a passable version of it.

    Not very many Debussey, Joplin or Fats Waller style guys here but let me give you an example of a nice easy use, that surely many would appreciate.

    "Three Handed" playing as it's called by old timers where those marvellous lowest octave notes can be struck and sustained while still using half pedalling with the other 2 hands or just good old minor tenth walk ups.

    I do not wish to bash developers here but have purchased 2 Pianos that supposedly had this feature and it doesn't work, or in one case the bleedover of the samples is unnaceptable.

    I am willing to get ripped off one more time before I quit buying more useless Libraries or VSTi's and found this interesting choice from an old trusted source. EMU has been in the game for decades, but I don't trust buy outs since Cubase / Yamaha, and Tascam / Gigastudio, now EMU / Creative. Are these takeovers used as write offs on an accelerated depreciation Tax schedule or something......... Yikes.


    Has anyone used this before? Is the sound palette in range w/ 7CGS, or Black Grand, which have really excellent lower octave samples, but naturally no pedals other than the ( yawn, yawn ) sustain.

    I have been doing a solo gig prior to the showroom gig in the same building, and have slid through w/o some of my best pieces. Thankfully these rich drunks aren't critics and usually ask for the stupid Elton or Billy Joel songs ( Please ), with an occasional person who wants to impress you by asking for Chopin. If I don't happen to know the piece I often play another classical choice and most of the time the person says...Yes, that's it.... I live in a world of sheeit.

    Please, if anyone has the Platinum 88 just try the pedal for me and let me know if it works, Or any developer out there confident in their emulation of this complex instrument, please chime in. I only get somewhat angry when it's advertised and not implemented.

    Afterall, this adds extra costs and time to an already overwhelming complex instrument, so I am quite understanding.

    Once the ski season starts in Tahoe I must have something, If Garritans Steinway releases it great, but I am not holding my breath on that one. It was my dream that sadly was overlooked.

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    Re: Sostenuto Users?

    I use the sostenuto peddle whenever I can. Yeah...three handed playing is cool.

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    Re: Sostenuto Users?

    Which Library / VSTi..............I will buy it right now.

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    Re: Sostenuto Users?

    I've only ever done it on real pianos, I'm not sure about digital pianos.

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