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Topic: Gathering Data for an Essay on Pricing Ethics

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    Gathering Data for an Essay on Pricing Ethics

    Hey NSSers,

    I am collecting data for a study on the ethics of pricing freelance compositional (creative) services in the game industry.

    If you are a freelance composer (sorry sound designers) or have been a freelance composer (that is to say, if you have charged for freelance compositional services) for games, I would really appreciate you filling out my VERY quick survey.

    There are 7 questions concerning your pricing practices and one question where you can voice an opinion about the ethics of freelancing creative services.

    The data collected is anonymous so PLEASE only click the Submit button ONCE! There is no way for me to contact you to clarify any data and the data collected, in my opinion, falls in the realm of private business.
    Please be honest, this is for research.

    In the open field, I would like you to express your thoughts on how freelancing services fit in the game industry, or if you feel that you're under-valued, or what factors play into how you bid for a project.

    I know how I work, what my methods are, and I have thoughts on where I'm going wrong, and I have spoken to friends about their pricing, but I'm really interested in massing a larger data set to inform my research into this ethical question.

    Here is the survey:

    Feel free to assert public opinions here and if there's something serious bugging you that you don't want to post publicly, please take advantage of the anonymity of the survey, but please only use the survey once or it'll screw up the data set.

    Feel free to forward this survey to friends who also freelance, if you're interested in forwarding my research on the subject.

    Ideally, this could/would turn into an interesting white paper of some sort.

    Obviously, this thread is on a few other music forums--try to respond only once!

    Thanks guys and cheers,
    - Dan

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    Re: Gathering Data for an Essay on Pricing Ethics

    What were the results of your polls. I find this actually quite interesting.
    Travis Coats
    Allinnia.com - Transcending Art and Audio
    Creative Composer

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    Re: Gathering Data for an Essay on Pricing Ethics

    Hey Travis, sorry I didn't see this earlier. The preliminary results, which consisted of only a little under a few dozen random samples, have prompted a larger and more comprehensive study to come in 2009.

    The results are as such:
    - Dan

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