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Topic: Sambilly Organ V (and All the Rest)

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    Sambilly Organ V (and All the Rest)

    Well, the Sambilly Organ series is now ended with number 5.

    Sambilly Organ V

    In case anyone wants to check them all out in sequence, here are the previous.

    Sambilly Organ I

    Sambilly Organ II

    Sambilly Organ III

    Sambilly Organ IV

    David Sosnowski previously (and accurately) commented on the weakness of the ending to III, which appears here with the improved ending, now G Major instead of E Minor.

    The Sambilly Organ series has now ended. But the organ music will continue.


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    Re: Sambilly Organ V (and All the Rest)

    Wonderful work, Richard!

    A fascinating and most worthwhile organ suite.

    I do hope you'll get this one into print, my friend!

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Sambilly Organ V (and All the Rest)

    Hello, Richard - It's been ages since we've had contact. --I'm currently on a quest to do a little bit of catching up in the Listening Room, working Backwards - starting with pieces ready to fall off the end of a month's worth of displays.

    This morning I've had the pleasure to be in the front row for your impressive Organ concert. - ! -

    To make a self reference, I'm especially wowed when I hear music which is in a different realm from where I explore. I like that "Oh my - I know I couldn't do that" feeling.

    And that feeling is certainly one thing that struck me while hearing you vigoursly working the Organ's ivories here. My head was delighted to not know what to expect next, but to have a sense of being in sure, capable hands which could so skillfully guide me on a good musical journey.

    Thank you oh music spirt of the woods!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sambilly Organ V (and All the Rest)


    I am glad you posted all of these together. They make much more sense when listened together.

    Very nice

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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