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Topic: Rhapsody

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    Rhapsody (Garritan Steinway)

    Hi. I´ve came back again. I performed this composition in a recital two months ago. Is an old fashion work, almost classical, romantic and passionate. It was recorded using Stage perspective.

    Last edited by mrkeyboard; 09-23-2008 at 06:37 PM. Reason: In order to explain that i was made using the steinway

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    Re: Rhapsody

    Mr K

    You are quite an impressive player. I also love to improv, but your skills are far and above mine.

    This piece is a wonderful addition to the works you have presented here.

    Well done

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    Re: Rhapsody


    This has a very appealing "rhapsodic" sound to it. Reminds me
    of some movie clips that had blue or purple background lighting and
    rhapsodic piano music playing. Great mood builder and a very
    great addition to a romantic setting.

    The melody treatment at 1m 37s is really a beautiful enhancment in this
    composition. Excellent writing.


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    Re: Rhapsody

    Thanks Ron and Jack. Ron, i have invested a lot of time only to the piano but at the same time i would like to adquire orchestral arrangments abilities. I am already studyng orchestration with the Samuel Adler book, but i need maybe years of dedication. Soon i am going to work with a violinist, and this will allow me expand my range of experience. I am pleased that you liked it!.

    Jack, you had the right vision, this rhapsody is inspired in old movies of the 30´s or 40´s because i wanted to compose a work that reminded pieces like Miklos Rozsa´Spellbound or Addinsell´Warsaw Concert. This kind of music is one of my favorites, that combines the academic and popular world.

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    Re: Rhapsody

    Loved it! I'm a soft touch for this kind of rhapsodic,
    unreservedly emotional writing (and playing)... and
    this is a superb job of it.

    Well done, Mr K, well done!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Rhapsody

    Muy, muy romántico y expresivo!!

    It felt like sitting right there at the cinema, watching a very emotional scene...!

    I liked especially the quiet part with its ending!

    Gracias, mrkeyboard! (your name?)


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    Re: Rhapsody

    man I wish i could play like that,

    may I make one suggestion, it appears to me that some of the notes are excessively high with regard to velocity. I think you might have used the velocity curve turned up a notch, I would stick with your own exact touch. Since you obviously "have it"

    Thanks for the beautiful Rhapsody!


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    Re: Rhapsody

    this has a lovely nostalgic feel, it reminds me a little of the scores to films like Laura and the Warsaw Concerto and other 1940's/50's films.

    My only critique was that the 2nd theme (the slow, delicate one) reminded me just a tad too closely of Rachmaninov.

    Other than that it was beautiful. I would certainly enjoy playing this. Do you have a score of it?

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    Re: Rhapsody

    David, thanks for your words. I feel this kind of music very close to me because since i was a kid it was my grandparents´s most loved music, and of course, the movies of the golden era. And i wanted to compose a work that had two themes that were contrastive in order to explore differentes traditional romantic structures and characters.

    Hey, Judit, no sabía que también sabes español!. Ya que preguntas, mi nombre es Victor. I´m glad that you imagined that. It means that i achieved my goal!.

    Dan, i´m not sure about you say about the velocity. The main theme needs to be performed between f and ff. Maybe i would had needed apply compression in order to close the differences in volume of the first and the second theme and equalizes too because the second theme sounds a little dull for me. I am glad that you liked it!.

    Qccowboy, my first reference for this work was Warsaw Concert. I have the soundtrack of Laura, Gone with the wind, Rebecca, an a lot more... About the similarity with Rachmaninov and the second theme, maybe that´s true only in the first phrase of the slow theme of his 2nd piano concert, and in the use of some progressions. All that music always remains in the unconscious and always exist the probability of emerge and appears in certain moments. And of course, the style and the way you perform it, always will reference to any of this composers. I don´t have a score of it, i need to learn to use finale, but this is an objetive that always delay. But i am aware of the importance of it. Thank for your comments!.


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