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Topic: On-line Piano Lessons?

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    Re: On-line Piano Lessons?

    I learned piano many years before but now i don't have much command on it. Please suggest me a good teacher.

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    Re: On-line Piano Lessons?

    I know the website looks super old-school but a good one would be:

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    Re: On-line Piano Lessons?

    The easiest and most convenient way to find affordable beginner piano lessons is to go online and look for courses. Rocket piano is a full step by step piano lessons that will teach piano learners to read music and play songs fast and easy.

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    Re: On-line Piano Lessons?

    Hello friend,this forum site helps me lot to learn all kind of music pattern in piano so must follow this site as a learner............... international beats

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    Re: On-line Piano Lessons?

    I will tell u d way I have learned d piano lessons online. Dere r beginner's piano books available on d interent on Alfred & Bastien. dese r methods that teaches u d basic level of learning pianos. dere r 2 mthods and u have to choose one method and den purchase dem online. You may find dat there are websites dat are charged and some are free. You can choose online courses for learning pianos. Go for it guys it's really easy to apply.

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    Re: On-line Piano Lessons?

    yes but there are a lot of troubles to learn online.
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    On-line Piano Lessons?

    I want to learn piano online. Plz anyone could be able to provide me link or site name where I could solve my purpose.

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    On-line Piano Lessons?

    When I passed out class 12th then suddenly I became crazy to learn piano. I searched online and found a wesbite where I managed to get lessons. Now I could say that I am the great piano player.

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