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Topic: I don't think its such a good idea.

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    Question I don't think its such a good idea.

    Or, maybe it is .... The Garritan Variety Hour? I don't know. Seems like a heck of a stack full of woik! Naturally, there would be the need for a location suitable for filming and broadcasting world wide. But, I don't think the island is such a good idea and all considering WWWRO takes up most of the inhabitants time. WWWR you ask? World Wide Whale Riding Olympics held every Sunday on the first Monday of the last month during a full moon when the tide is at it's highest and the whales are at peak performance.

    Anywho, The Garritan Variety Hour competition and talent show will be held in Niagara Falls on a Saturday of the first week of the last Wednesday during the half moon fall winter storm on a small raft flowing down the river at 30 miles an hour with a slow leak and no paddle.

    Sturgeon rides for the kiddies.

    Stop this nonsense now! Whale riding indeed!

    The man's nuts ......................................

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    Re: I don't think its such a good idea.

    Garritan Variety Hour, now that's a neat idea. Maybe someone should get on creating this!
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