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Topic: A question about choir libraries

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    A question about choir libraries

    Hi everyone,

    I\'m searching for a nice quality Choir library. I don\'t need to do vowel stuff as VOTA, but I only need Ahhs and ohhs (men and female). I do orchestral stuff with ahhh choirs.

    I don\'t have that much budget to buy VOTA. What choir library do you suggest me?


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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    I\'m going to jump in before King hehehehe

    I would say, Extended Classical Choir.

    You may want to attach a few custom art files to it (Attacks on GPC2) that sort of thing.

    I have them and I believe King does as well.

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    Hi Francis (and others),

    Do you have or have you worked with Symphony of Voices (SoV)? I have it, it is of course a great library, but the choirs are quite massive (recorded in a church) and lack any word building support.

    I\'d like to know if the Extended Siedlaczek Choirs is a nice complement (with consonants, like Vota), or if there is a lot of overlap.



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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    And eh, Archangel,
    sorry I forgot to mention that SoV would probably suit your needs, but it is a rather expensive 5 CD library...


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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    This is funny

    I want to know if SOV blends well with ECC and VOTA. It\'s mighty crowded in this boat...

    (booowwwisssshhhhh, man over board...was that King? )

    I was ready to grab SOV, to blend with VOTA and ECC and now there is MV Choir to wait for and save up for....it never ends

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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    Oh, BTW...
    Did SOV convert well into Giga and how is the sound? Nice? Good for haunting/mellow?

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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    I am a little confused about, \"Church but not Hollywood sound.\"

    If you have a second could you go into more detail?

    Are you saying that SOV is more Monk/Gothic, kind of sound, or?

    Thanks so much

    [This message has been edited by Francis Belardino (edited 02-14-2002).]

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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    Ofcourse the 5 SoV CD\'s contain a LOT of programs. My SoV folder contains 860 GIG files in 116 folders, based on the \"volumes\" on the Akai format CD\'s.

    Total size is 7,36 Gb on my system. Maybe I need to convert again with Gst; I did it with GS.

    There are a lot of Male, Female and combined programs for Ahs, Oo, Oh, Ee, Mm. Most programs come in several memory versions (A, B, C) and sometimes also with velocity switches. There\'s also a boys choir, all kinds of solo phrases (boys, soprano, tenor) andd Gregorian phrases and drones. Too much to summarize here. If you are really interested I can make and mail you 5 screen caps of the main CD directories. Just let me know (peter @ deltaworks.com).



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    Re: A question about choir libraries

    Wow, that would be more than cool!

    Take your time and please send mail to:
    fbelardino@audiovisionsonline fbelardino@scroe4post.com

    Sorry for the multi mail...Just want to be sure I get it.

    BTW, That is a killer amount of single Gig files. I mean, that\'s great...but you said you may have done something wrong in the conversion?

    [This message has been edited by Francis Belardino (edited 02-14-2002).]

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    Re: A question about choir libraries


    Man, I can\'t keep up with your speed of posting... ;-)

    Maybe my remark was little bit vague, but if you check the typical VoTA and Thomas_J choir examples, you just can\'t do that with SoV. The SoV choirs (London Chorale, 80 voices) only do the vowels Ah, Oo, Oh, Ee plus Mmm, and there is so much reverb (and/or release) that its tricky to make any kind of cross-fade (IMO). If you check the Assisi piece: no additional reverb on the choirs. For layers, pads, drones, ofcourse the sound is great.

    I\'ll send you some jpgs with the folder listings. I\'ll also check if I can find a demo mp3 with the Spectrasonic discs.

    Yeah, I know that for some libraries you needed to tweak the S-Converter (some stereo setting), but I don\'t think it was with this set (I believe it was BurningGrooves).
    I mean, 5 CD\'s expanding to 7 Gb... But what the hack. If I need space, I can dump all B and C versions.
    And the Kyrie boys phrase program (if you have listened to my example...).


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