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Topic: Omnisphere is wonderfull.... But

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    Omnisphere is wonderfull.... But

    Hello Eric , great job ! I wait for the next update with the patchs of omnisphere .
    Wonderfull , but A SOUND is missing ( I don't see it ), it is terrible , horrible , I shall maybe never again be happy .
    In the video episode 1 , you say that you are going to play " ONE SOUND "
    And you play it , your smile expressing an absolute , perfect bliss .
    Which priere I must make to acquire this marvel, ( and also , maybe , Astral Visions of episode 4
    I prostrate myself before the Almighty Spectrasonics
    Thank's Eric

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    Re: Omnisphere is wonderfull.... But

    that must be the patch
    Tear your head off

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    Re: Omnisphere is wonderfull.... But

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler View Post
    that must be the patch
    Tear your head off
    Yes . Sometimes we test too quickly sounds, and we pass without hearing anything. Thank you Hans.

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