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Topic: The Masters Touch

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    The Masters Touch

    I was just replying to the Strad / Gro thread when the following poem came to mind. Most of you probably are familiar with it, but just in case someone has not I thought I would share it. Keith Fuller's skilled playing with the Gofriller Cello reminded me that no matter how good or bad a tool is, the quality of the music comes from the man or woman using it. So without further adu...The Masters Touch


    The Master's Touch
    Public Domain

    It was battered and scarred
    and the auctioneer thought it scarcely worth his while
    to waste much time on the Old Violin but he held it up with a smile.

    "What am I bid Goodfolks?" he cried. "Who'll start the bidding for me?"
    It was "a dollar... a dollar.... then two"... only two.
    "Two dollars and who'll make it three?"
    "Three dollars once - Three dollars twice - And going for three"
    But No!...
    From the room far back,
    a gray-haired man came forward and picked up the bow.
    And wiping the dirt from that old violin...
    and tightening the loosened strings...
    You know, He played a melody pure 'n sweet, as the carillon angels sing.

    Well, the music stopped,
    and the auctioneer in a voice that was quiet and low...
    Said: "What am I bid for the Old Violin?" And He held it up with the bow.
    "A thousand dollars! Who'll make it two?
    Two thousand! Who'll make it Three?"
    It was "three thousand once"... "three thousand twice"...
    and "Going for three!" said he.

    Well, the people stared...
    But some of them cried: "We do not quite understand!"
    "What changed it's worth?"
    Swift came the reply... "It was the Touch of the Master's Hand."


    Many a man with his life out of tune
    Battered and scarred with sin
    Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd
    much like the Old Violin.

    A mess of pottage, a glass of wine,
    It's a game and He travels on.
    He's going once.. He's going twice...
    He's going and almost gone.

    But, the Master comes... and the foolish crowd
    can never quite understand
    the worth of a soul
    Or the change that's wrought
    By the touch of the Master's Hand.
    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: The Masters Touch

    Always liked that one ever since hearing my pastor recite it.
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