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Topic: Question for Thomas J

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    Question for Thomas J

    Hello Thomas. In your demo \"Facing the Storm\" are those Kirk Hunter strings in the first half (softer adagio stuff)?? I assume the french horn solo sample is also from your library, I\'\'ve never heard any of the softer samples you did until today.

    Regarding your brass library, can you point me to the topic where you discussed how many players you used, the techniques they played and how you miced it?? How big was the room?? I\'m going to tack some sample recording onto the end of another session. One major question- how long did it take you? I\'m not trying to make a commercial release here, I just want samples that include ALL of the hall like yours do, RIGHT NOW.



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    Re: Question for Thomas J

    The horn samples were from Roland Family series. Soft strings from AO. Rest of the strings from kirk hunter.

    Brass: I didn\'t do any technical work on the samples. Mics were already placed out because the orchestra was recording a cd at the time. I hooked up a dat recorder to the mixing console with a little help from the sound engineer, and sampled mainly \"fff\" notes in thirds or more. 3 trombones and 4 horns. Didn\'t do trumpets at that time. No time. I\'ve been planning to do trumpets lately but I haven\'t had time. Too much work at school, besides there are so many good libraries coming out (from maarten and dan dean etc) I\'m gonna wait and see if they can do what I need. Everything was sampled in a large orchestra hall.


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    Re: Question for Thomas J


    I tought you had recorded trumpets as well,
    if not can you tell me what are those amazing trumpets that I hear in \"Unexplored Territory\"??


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    Re: Question for Thomas J

    Hi Lex, as you probably know I\'m a trumpet player as well (it\'s my secondary instrument). I sample my own trumpet phrases all the time. The trumpets you hear in \"unexplored territory\" is one of my solo trumpet patches, and nah they are not all that amazing That piece is still my least favorite piece of all the stuff I\'ve been doing lately.


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    Re: Question for Thomas J

    Thanks for the reply.. .
    \"Unexploered\" is one my favourites...sounds like Hans Zimmer piece with J. Williams orchestration..nice..
    And I just love those ff high pitched trumpet lines...



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