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Topic: Finale / website problems

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    Finale / website problems

    Hi all

    Sorry this is way OOT but...

    1) I can't deauthorize Finale (haven't tried authorizing yet, but thanks to Andrew of the Finale team for manually resetting it for me)
    2) I can't login to the Finale website (where I can download patches and order upgrades)
    3) I can't login to My Stuff in customer support too. (I used my friend's machine which is running in Vista to send the request to maunally deauthorize Finale)

    I have 4 computers and all running Windows XP Home. Tried Firefox 3, IE6 and Mozilla and none of them worked (for problems 2 & 3).

    I have no problem browing the Finale website and logging in the forums though (obviously!) EDIT : Ok it seems I can't post anything in the Finale forums too......

    It should not be a firewall/anti-virus problem coz there is one machine I just did a clean Windows install and tried it prior to installing firewall and AV.

    Any ideas or hints where should I troubleshoot too?

    Thanks so much!
    Dell Precision T3500 (Xeon W3520, 12GB RAM) / Windows 7 x64 / Sonar 8 / VE Pro / WIVI 2.3 / Kontakt 4 / G-Player 1.2

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    Re: Finale / website problems

    That is weird. I have had no problems at all. Do you have a firewall or something preventing you from accessing the site?



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