I'd like to find out if there are any soundware companies that still release sample cd-roms like "Gigapak" (Best Service) - basically a ton of single layer sounds that are "bread and butter" sounds - digital and analog synths, drums, guitars, etc. Stuff that loads FAST and sounds decent. I have enough bloated 20-layer libs and slow-loading (for me) cpu intensive virtual instruments - I just want a bunch of fast-loading sampler files for EXS24 in Logic that I can use for a bunch of work I do where it's really not important to have ultimate realism in 24-bit. Even stretched single-layer patches are fine, although having every note sampled would be preferable.

Anybody know of any companies that still put out this kind of stuff? Especially smaller companies/individuals that might be under the radar compared to the big boys. Thanks very much!