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Topic: Can anyone answer this question?

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    Can anyone answer this question?

    In Omnisphere, how do you select patches using midi, cc's or pc's?
    Im using it with Ableton.

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    Re: Can anyone answer this question?

    You can midi learn the up/down arrows in the browser to a midi cc or midi pc. That way you can use a controller button to step through the browser. Just right click on the browser's down button, choose "MIDI Program Change Learn", then press your controller's program change down button. After that you can use your program change button to step through the browser.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Can anyone answer this question?

    Well for starters great question. I've found that you can indeed midi learn a controller ,but with that said it only seems to work one way directional???

    So go to the arrow at the bottom of the screen and right click on the arrow midi program and change learn and then click your hardware and it works...
    BUT it only appears it works one way directional... Meaning either down or up,not both???

    It should allow two ways right? One controller for up(arrow up learn) and one controller for down(arrow down)

    I just don't get it either really...
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    Re: Can anyone answer this question?

    Okay, that might work for me. How do you create a new folder with only the patches I want so I dont have to scroll through hundreds of patches?

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    Re: Can anyone answer this question?

    And part B of your question, Lunamusic, might be 'does Spectrasonics plan to release a printed list sometime of all the patches in Omnisphere (as per the Atmosphere manual)'? I for one have found that list extremely helpful over the years and if one is talking about creating one's own User's favourite folder, it would be great to have a list of ALL the patches from which to work. Then with each new release of patches, a list of those could also be included as Readme file. The trick part might be though, once you have created a User's favourite set of patches, listing those as well. That's probably too much to expect though, and certainly couldn't be done by Spectrasonics. If the main list was in an editable text file though, it would be easy to copy patch names.
    Anyway, not trying to hijack your thread here; just thought this might be worth mentioning as it fits nicely with your question about creating a new User's folder......................playz

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    Re: Can anyone answer this question?

    there are several ways to make a favourite selection
    1. simply save each patch that you like to a favourite folder in your user folder
    2.add the word favourite to the keywords of the patches that you like. Type the word in the searchfield to see the list of favourite patches

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