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Topic: Omnisphere and Logic 8

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    Omnisphere and Logic 8

    Over half the time when I load Omnisphere into L8 the editor window won't open if I try to open it in Kore 2????

    I Open Kore 2 and then load in the AU version of Omnishpere and the editor window won't show up. The sound plays just fine but I can't see anything. This does not happen with the VST version.

    I realize that this might be a Native Instruments problem I just wanted to let you guys know and see if anybody else has had the problem.


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    Re: Omnisphere and Logic 8

    OK, so this is worse than I thought I just tried Omnisphere in Cubase 4 inside Kore 2 as a VST and AU and the following happened...

    AU won't open the editor window at all

    VST - a white space opens and then nothing

    Then I rebooted and tried just loading Omnisphere by itself without Kore2, just as a normal VST or AU instrument and it would not work either.

    Eric, I think we got a major problem here...

    Anyone else having problems? Do I have to through omnisphere in the trash and then try to reload it and re authorize it?

    Evverything on my machine was working fine before I loaded Omnishpere and now this



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    Re: Omnisphere and Logic 8

    Try reinstalling and do a custom install of just the plugin.

    As for whether you should use Kore as a host for Omnisphere....just MHO, but Kore is not nearly as robust a host as Logic or Cubase.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere and Logic 8


    It may be true that L8 or C4 are more robust, but there is still a problem with the editor not opening correctly, which it should.

    I think spectrasonics needs to look at this and see if they can fix it. Kore 2 has some very nice features (Arpeggiator for example) that really add to omnisphere.

    Kore 2 allows you to set up very complex routings and layers and then use them in any host without rebuilding them every time from scratch.

    I'm looking for people with kore 2 to check it out and see if they are having the same problems.

    Thanks for keeping the topic going. I want an answer to this.


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    Re: Omnisphere and Logic 8

    i successfully opened Omnisphere in Kore2 several times.
    But i was usingthe standalone version of core.
    Havent tried to do that with Kore in Logic.

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