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Topic: To Chris Hein and microtuning missing!

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    Unhappy To Chris Hein and microtuning missing!

    I hope you are doing well and thanx for your perfect products..I own most of your products but I can not use them for my music projects due to microtuner missing! also I heard this from many of middle east and some turkish musician..I am really happy with Ethno world 4 and complete classic collection 2nd Edition also string Essintials 2 Edition engine because they use kontakt player which has microtuner..Please Chris add the microtuner to your kontakt player engine to most of your products next update such others.
    For info. I tried Chris Hein Horn 1.5 from try-sound com. and I am very happy to see microtuner in this product..I am going to buy it
    By the way what keyboard did you use while playing Trombone demo ?

    Kind regards.

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    Re: To Chris Hein and microtuning missing!

    Hi Shakuman,

    Thanks for your kind words,

    Isn't it better to use the microtuner in the sequencer to have all instruments playing the same scales?
    As soon as NI releases Kontakt-Player3, there will be an update for CHG & CHB,
    including the microtuner page. This will be hopefully in January.

    BTW, I'm still experimenting with scales.
    It seems, very few people use the microtuning features.
    If you got CHH Vol.1.5 and checked the microtuner, it would be very helpful
    if you could send me some ideas of the scales you prefer to use.

    Great idea to buy CHH Vol.1.5
    Also have a look at the new videos here:

    The keyboard is an Oberheim MC-3000, but I think what you mean is the ribbon controller.
    Thats the R2M by Doepfer:
    It just sits on top of the keyboard.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Thumbs up Re: To Chris Hein and microtuning missing!

    I actually still drag one of those around to the gig. I use the Expressionmate for the Ribbon.
    I think I have the largest Delt's & Trapezoids from putting it on the stand for the last 13 years.
    Someday a worthy replacement will be welcome. One that uses the latest 16,000 MIDI CC # 88 Prefix.
    Imagine a 16 layered instrument, where the velocitiy layers are spread out by a thousand x 16, as opposed to the current 127 scheme....

    Sorry 4 The Slightly Off Topic Reply.

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    Wink Re: To Chris Hein and microtuning missing!

    Many Thanx Chris you did great work with Solo Horn 1.5 and the microtuner do a great job and this what I am looking for..I hope to see this option in your whole products..OTOH cubase microtuner vst doesn't work with most vsti !! keep going Chris and best wishes.


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